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November 5th 2009
Published: November 10th 2017
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Geo: -1.27975, 36.8126

We had head about a place called Junction from some fellow travelers and were given a GPS way point. The funny thing about a way point without any additional info is that we ended up driving around the back streets of Nairobi trying to work out just which street took us closer than 100mtrs to the waypoints given.

Alas it was found, i (Harry) noticed a painted white monkey on a set of gates with the letters JJ.. i said that has got to be it and it was.. as it turns our this place is not an official tourist thing thus it is unable to sign post the way.. as it turns out it is the Meca for overland motorbikers there is a work shop and 2 mechanics on duty, nice one. Anyway we can camp here and organise our Sudan and Ethiopia Visa's whist waiting for Ian & Nikki to arrive to head north via Banya Fort.

Great news, we chatted to some Germans who just came down the Western side of Lake Tukhanna (we want to go the Eastern side)... the news on the road in Ethiopia was... wait for it.... they spent 3 days winching and digging two vehicles through endless miles of mud... cant wait to write that blog.

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Omar & LisaOmar & Lisa
Omar & Lisa

The crazy Egytian
Yarp's TentYarp's Tent
Yarp's Tent

How many can you fit in a tent

6th November 2009

hee hee i look forward to the mud and the winch test report
16th November 2009

Havn't heard from u for a while. Are u lost, or have u been eaten. Love your entries.Still waiting for my riding partner to return.xx
19th November 2009

Saw Rosemary last night at the 'official' thankyou to council BBQ evening and she gave me your blog!!!! I have spent a great time reading your blogs and looking at the pics. Wonderful. What superb countryside. You must be having such a gr
eat adventure. Can't wait for next entries but where are they!!!
7th December 2009

im thinking the next trip, Lisa in the 4x4 while we ride our nice new KTM's... im so hating these photo's... hating the fact im sitting at my desk...hehe
7th December 2009

there's Lisa and me SKPE mate from Egypt...

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