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February 14th 2020
Published: February 13th 2020
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This was a highly anticipated leg. A couple of pretty special places for us to visit and they did not disappoint. Also, some really unexpected delights.

As usual, I prefer to allow the photos to tell the story.


1&2 Victoria Falls from the Zimbabwe side...looking to Zambia.

3. Samburu river view.

4. Maasi Mara dawn.

Next, we fly to Singapore for a brief stay then an 8 day cruise up the Malay Peninsula to Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Phuket.

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Leg # 4Leg # 4
Leg # 4

South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia (briefly) and Kenya.
Batonka Lodge, Victoria Falls Batonka Lodge, Victoria Falls
Batonka Lodge, Victoria Falls

The al fresco dining area. Great staff, only 16 room ( 3 occupied during our stay)
Albino crocAlbino croc
Albino croc

Born in captivity. Unlikely to survive in the camouflage.
Flame lilyFlame lily
Flame lily

The flower of Zimbabwe.
Zambezi River dinner cruiseZambezi River dinner cruise
Zambezi River dinner cruise

On our first night we spent 3 wonderful hours aboard moving slowly through the waters of this 2 500 km long river just above the falls.
Ready to cruise.Ready to cruise.
Ready to cruise.

A great introduction to the falls and the wildlife nearby.
Hippo familyHippo family
Hippo family

Cooling off and grazing on the river grass.
our Zambezi gecko and his makerour Zambezi gecko and his maker
our Zambezi gecko and his maker

Cleverly made from strips of Zambezi beer cans by this guy. The gecko will have a new home by our door at Sauble Beach..
Garden ornament...?Garden ornament...?
Garden ornament...?

Getting her home would be a challenge.
Big old baobabBig old baobab
Big old baobab

Said to be over 1500 years young.
The Smoke that ThundersThe Smoke that Thunders
The Smoke that Thunders

The local, real name for the massive falls just beyond.
Dr. Livingston I presumeDr. Livingston I presume
Dr. Livingston I presume

Named the falls after his queen. Now credited with introducing tourists to see this great wonder for the past170 years or so.
Lost for words...Lost for words...
Lost for words...

Before we left Canada we watched a documentary that claimed that Victoria Falls was drying up. In our small group an English couple had been told the same story as had a South African couple whose agent had said don’t bother to go. If that wasn’t “fake news” what is?
1.7 kilometres later...1.7 kilometres later...
1.7 kilometres later...

The length of the falls and depth of the drop separated these falls from Niagara which concentrates a great volume in a much shorter width. Both remind us of the staggering force and beauty of nature.
Beyond NairobiBeyond Nairobi
Beyond Nairobi

After a nasty flight through thunderstorms we spent a short night in Nairobi then boarded this Twin Otter for the flight to Samburu.
The runwayThe runway
The runway

Keeping animals off, especially elephants, is a priority.
Our guides Anthony and DanielOur guides Anthony and Daniel
Our guides Anthony and Daniel

Not their birth names, but their church names. Both were sharp eyed and knowledgeable.

In his traditional Samburu clothing.
Well namedWell named
Well named

Elephants frequently stroll through the grounds, eating everything in their path.

15th February 2020

Amazing !
Hi Ian and Marlene, We just went through your latest photos - simply amazing ! Your shots of Victoria Falls and your wildlife photos are incredible. What an experience for you both ! Thanks again for passing the photos on to us and enjoy the remainder of your trip, Ted and Moe

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