Nairobi and national parks (picking up where I left off over a year ago!)

Published: January 25th 2014
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It's now over a year since I wrote (I've had to change that sentence several times as it took longer and longer to finish this entry) . And although I thought about my blog, I assumed it would fade away into the lasting graveyard that the Internet is and no one would mind. Well. I've received several messages from followers and others who stumbled across my blog and have finally arri... Read Full Entry

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Exiting the caveExiting the cave
Exiting the cave

Apart from a tiny torch and my camera flash, it is pitch black

25th January 2014
Home sweet home

A great looking home
Love this photo.
25th January 2014

Certainly glad you are blogging again.
We are fans who have been waiting for more. Slip, slop, slap, love the elephants. There is nothing better than seeing animals in their natural habitat. We'd love to see the lions watching us. Sounds like a fantastic adventure. Please keep blogging.
26th January 2014

Welcome back...
We would have regretted missing this blog as it brought back wonderful memories of our safari in these parks in January 1984. Your Followers await the next installment with abated breath. The best place to end a long trip is home with family so enjoy until your next adventure!

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