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Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale January 26th 2014

October 14 There's been so many amazing excursions in the past seven months but today was an unexpectedly brilliant day. Who knew that there was such a thing as the Nairobi Goat Derby?? Not only that but it's so well organized and all in the name of charity. Here we were thinking we'd go take a look for an hour and we shut the place down almost ten hours later... Most of the group came along for a look and we pulled some tables together with prime viewing of the starting line. A few goats munched happily on the grass and bushes, seemingly unaware of what was in store for them. The hilarity began when the teams tried to dress their goats in t-shirts. Obviously the goats weren't overly keen and it took several people per ... read more
A reluctant entrant
And they're off!
A well earned break between races

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale November 16th 2013

The border process between Ethiopia and Kenya was smooth and friendly, which was a relief after the hassles we experienced in Egypt and Sudan. We were knackered after a long day, but the hotel we checked out was a bit expensive so we trundled off to find something cheaper. We succeeded by finding a guesthouse for locals who allowed us to ride through their restaurant to store the bikes in an area down some stairs. Tricky to get to, but nice and safe for the bikes. Soon after we arrived the skies opened. Proper rain. The first we had experienced since Europe. A novel buzz in some ways, but also pretty concerning as we were to face the most notorious road of our trip the next day, the two day "Hell Road" from Moyale to Isiolo. ... read more
Morning on the Moyale to Marsabit road

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale January 19th 2011

Heading towards Nairobi, there are three ways to leave Moyale, the dusty border town with Ethiopia - either bus, bean truck, or cattle truck. Until a few years ago there was no bus, and locals and tourists alike were forced to travel by truck. In the cab for the lucky, and rich, ones, in the back and on the roof for everyone else. Clearly I had the option of the bus, but I also had a sadistic desire, and moment of madness, and wanted to ride on the roof of a truck - I'd never done it before (reason enough to do it now?), I guessed you'd get great views, and it felt like the perfect arrival into Kenya. I was hoping for a ride in the relative comfort of a bean truck - wanting to ... read more
Truck lucky
Truck lucky
Truck lucky

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale April 8th 2009

The landscape as the bus continues south is plains with a patchy covering of trees, which I know will continue into Kenya. I see a small tortoise crossing the road, which the driver expertly navigates around. At the breakfast stop, a man shouts "China!" at me, which I can only laugh at - it makes no sense to me that with so many people here fans of Premier League football, which features players of every colour and shape, I can be mistaken for Chinese. A couple from the bus invite me to share breakfast with them. They are Ethiopian but have been living in South Africa for the last decade. Even so, they don't have South African citizenship and the man complains that they have to jump through bureaucratic hoops in order to get back into ... read more
Bed bug bites
Cat on a hot ... oh, you know

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale November 25th 2007

The rising sun awoke us to the magical atmosphere of total isolation in the African bush - lovely! We soon packed up and set off, delighted that we had not been “found” in our camp. We drove only a mile or so down the road and were into a small village - how lucky had we been, we asked ourselves! It was only 20 miles or so to Mega and the next village we came to we found there was a deep volcanic crater which produced an abundance of soda which the locals harvested. We got out of our cars to look into the crater and to talk to the locals about it. There was clearly a market for the soda, the black stuff going to the livestock and the white for human use. I think ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale October 20th 2007

Returning to Kenya our goal was Ethiopia, and even though we had not planned to do or see anything along the way, we managed a few fun stops and had a crazy journey through northern Kenya on the back of a truck. The Tororo border coming from Uganda was fine, though one official on the Kenyan side did try to tell us that since it was “outside office hours” we had to pay for our free gate pass. As we had just come from the Ugandan side which was open, and it was a Saturday morning and thus well within office hours for a border post, we were not about to pay for a free pass. I suppose we are more likely to be overly sensitive to demands for fees after hearing all the stories about ... read more
Bar at Naiberi River Campsite in Eldoret, western Kenya
Pool in Eldoret
With Hugh and Ash in the Nairberi bar

Africa » Kenya » Eastern Province » Moyale June 26th 2006

We had set off just before sun set. I took a look at the terrain on the way up it was this weird mix of highland plataeu surrounded by mountians and covered by low bush and grass land. There wasn't much out there. On the night drive itself I had decided to actually enjoy the experience rather than just sit there and wait for it too end. As a result I was looking all around, rather than try to get some sleep. In the dark you could see traces of some settlements, the odd building here and there and the occassional lantern in the distance. There were initially 15 other passengers on that truck. Most of them got off at a settlement of some description along the way. Others, however, seemed to get off in the ... read more

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