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September 19th 2018
Published: September 19th 2018
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A 4 am wake up, found us packing to leave Mombasa, grabbing a quick cup of java, a cupcake and off we go -on safari into the tsvao west safari African park. A beautiful sunrise greeted us as we said goodbye to Mombasa and began our four hour trip to the west border of Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro. At last we arrived at the entrance to the park and headed onto the trail. Our journey slowly began with a few animal greeters and as we progressed apparently the game received the word that the Gingles expedition had arrived, and boy did they come out for a real African Howdy or Jambo .

Zebras, giraffes, and many more of the animal kingdom turned out including a couple of cool lions who just couldn’t figure us out but gave us the benefit of the doubt that we were the wazungu that we were ... definition “pale faces”!
What a fun journey - dusty, dry and incredibly fascinating.
Several hours on safari and then we arrived at our night location - Voyager’s Camp Safari. A quick late lunch consisting of lamb, chicken, fruit and vegetables near the water’s edge and the intermittent sounds of hippos frolicking nearby.

An hour later we hopped into the van for a night Safari. I thought we were going on a walking night safari, until the guide reminded me there were big animals in the bush and it might not be a good choice ... duh. LOL
Our night safari was almost as exciting as the day safari! We bonded with the regular gang and met some new guys like a Water Buffalo tribe and a new hog or two... pretty nifty!

Back at the camp, there was more good food and cheesecake that didn’t really taste like cheesecake but was still pretty good. A hot shower, and a good bed- helped immensely to produce a good night sleep.

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