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Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa November 12th 2021

Greetings from the coastal city of Mombasa! Yesterday was a long travel day to Mombasa. We had another delicious breakfast in the camp, said goodbye to the other group who are now going on to Egypt, and headed out about 7:30. We did a mini game drive on our way out of the Maasai Mara National Park, and we had an excellent giraffe sighting! We hadn’t seen too many Maasai giraffes, so that made me very happy to see several more. We also saw zebras, cape buffalo, eland, and Thompson’s gazelles. It was a very scenic drive back to Nairobi (on paved roads, once we were out of the park). We drove though the Rift Valley escarpment, and stopped at the viewpoint to admire the panoramic view (see pano above). We passed by tiny roadside stands ... read more
Maasai giraffe
Maasai giraffe feeding
Maasai giraffe

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa January 22nd 2020

We are finally on our way, but only by the skin of our teeth, let me run you through the full joy of African bureaucracy... We met with Rogers (our man at the port) at 0900 and quickly headed down to the customs clearing house, happy in the knowledge our container had been moved out of the port (behind a barbed wire fence we could not get in) and to a bonded warehouse with a company that holds and unloads our container and then when all (and i do mean all) paperwork has been completed they release the car. So we headed to the office with Roger confident in the car getting out before lunch. However, there was a problem... open the container you need to request permission from customs to open the container (known ... read more
Opening the container
Thank goodness there was a car in it

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa January 21st 2020

In quick answer to the question - Equitorial Guinea. Which is also where my luggage is currently sitting due to the check-in people at Heathrow putting the wrong tags on my bag. So i arrived in Mombasa to meet Alain after connecting at Addis Ababa (one of the lesser airport hubs it has to be said) to have a small argument with the baggage handlers over my bag. We hope the bag can be sent back to Nairobi where i can pick it up in a couple of days but there is a very real risk of me doing the first 3 weeks with the clothes i am wearing. I have popped out in Mombasa to buy a few essentials including "Senselove" pants, a rather tasteful Africa shirt and a pair of flip flops for £1. ... read more
Two pairs of top quality pants
Rogers our agent hard at work getting the truck out

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa January 20th 2020

We are getting there, but not quite there yet. Alain tried to get the truck out on Friday but it seems bureaucracy was not on our side. We were then all set for Saturday but then the IT system at the port of Mombasa went down and as best we can work out everyone there decided they couldn't possibly do anything. So Alain headed to the coast to have a few days relaxing and snorkelling. He tells me he met the entire cast of Finding Nemo whilst snorkelling (all except a turtle). It seems he had the resort to himself and other than washing his pants had a fairly relaxed few days. So to Monday morning and the good news is that the Customs people cleared our container on Saturday afternoon (so apparently one person was ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa January 15th 2020

The car arrived on the container ship on Monday, was offloaded onto the quayside on Tuesday and today it made its way to the holding yard. We hope tomorrow it will make it to the customs area. It is far from a speedy process but Alain is diligently visiting daily to trying and improve the speed of progress. We are hopeful the car will be ours by end of the week...... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa January 12th 2020

Alain has arrived in Mombasa to start the process of importing our much loved Toyota Hilux into Kenya. We hope the car will arrive into Mombasa port tomorrow morning and it will (hopefully) take Alain 3 to 4 days to complete the paperwork. Fingers crossed.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa March 7th 2019

Es ist eine Weile her, seitdem ich die Altstadt von Mombasa besucht habe. Aber es ist immer wieder ein Besuch wert. Da die Gegend als gefährlich eingestuft wird, müssen gewisse Vorkehrungen getroffen werden. Die Altstadt sollte nur in Begleitung eines Tourguides besucht werden. Somit starten wir bei Fort Jesus. Diese Festung wurde im Jahre 1593 von den Portugiesen gebaut. Die Kontrolle der Festung wechselte von den Portugiesen zu den Arabern und später zu den Briten. Die Festung selber gehört inzwischen zum Unesco Kulturerbe. Von Fort Jesus gehts durch die Altstadt. Die Altstadt befindet sich auf dem südöstlichen Teil der Insel und gehört ebenfalls zum Unesco Kulturerbe. Di Caprio hat hier sogar einen Teil des Films "Inception" aus dem Jahre 2010 gedreht. Mir gefällt es jedes Mal durch diese teilweise engen Strassen zu schlendern. Überall trifft man ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa February 28th 2019

Nach ein paar Jahren, ist es wieder Zeit, den Haller Park zu besuchen. Es ist immer wieder überraschend, so einen Park in unmittelbarer Nähe einer Hauptstrasse (Mombasa Malindi Road) anzutreffen. Im Park selber merkt man überhaupt nicht, dass sich in der Nähe eine vielbefahrene Strasse befindet. Dadurch, dass wir den Park in der ersten Tageshälfte besucht haben, war es nicht möglich, alle Tiere zu sehen (die Hippos waren nur aus der Ferne zu sehen). Trotz allem hat sich der Besuch gelohnt.... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa September 16th 2018

I woke up this morning feeling refreshed, nothing like staying at a beach hotel for a little respite. I had hoped to walk along the beach this morning; however the tide was in and there was practically no beach. We all met for breakfast and then headed to a part of town that had a type of ”assembly line”. There was a finished products area with jewelry, sculptures and African handmade items, if one ventured outside of the shopping area, there was a village of shanties and within each structure was a laborer carving or staining or chopping an item - a manufacturing hub - African style. Once we did a little shopping, we stopped at a local restaurant for Teresa Gingles’ comfort food which equals cheeseburger! Seriously. The restaurant had great shakes, burgers and an ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa February 21st 2018

Makaawani Village ist ein kleines Dörfchen, welches irgendwo im Busch zwischen Bamburi und Shanzu liegt. Zusammen mit einem niederländischen Kollegen und Paul, der uns führt, geht es mit einem Tuk Tuk zum Dorf. Der Weg ist, nachdem wir die Hauptstrasse verlassen haben, sehr holprig. Wie immer, grüssen uns Scharen von Kindern, welche sofort auf die Wazungu (Mehrzahl von Mzungu), reagieren. Nach ca. 30min Fahrt, erreichen wir das Dörfchen und beginnen mit dem Verteilen von Kleidern, Spielsachen und Süssigkeiten. Es ist immer ein Freude, Kinder zu sehen, welche sich an einfachen Sachen erfreuen können (es muss ja nicht immer eine XBOX oder ein iPad sein ;-)).... read more

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