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July 11th 2007
Published: July 11th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

It's the final countdown... Last weekend, as a special treat, I stayed overnight at the orphanage with the kids. They absolutely loved it and even gave me my own bed (quite a few of them sleep on mattresses on the floor). We were served dinner of ugali and vegetables and we all ate the traditional Swhaili way - with our fingers! I brought along popcorn and biscuits for pudding which they all gratefully finished off with no hesitation! After a bit of tv watching and clearing up we all went into the corridor where some of the kids sang worship songs and the rest of us danced! Then there was a prayer time where everyone had a private few moments to pray. It was bed time by 9:45pm! Breakfast was at 7am though so I soon appreciated the early night! Chai tea and slices of bread were served and soon the children had their Saturday school so I left them to it and headed off to Whitesands - a 5* hotel that I stayed in that night as a treat for me! The food, hot shower, comfy bed and air conditioning made Saturday night something to remember - and it all cost only GBP45! Unfortuantely I woke up on Monday morning feeling feverish and with a sore throat so I stayed home and Tuesday it just got worse. I went to the hospital today and it turns out I've got a nasty throat infection that made my lymph nodes swell up and gave me a helluva fever - when they measured at the hospital, my body temperature was 2C hotter than it should be! I've got some antibiotics and an amazing ibuprofen-paracetemol combo pack that should have me back to 100% in 5 days time - just in time for the gorilla trekking!
It's my last day at New Hope tomorrow then I fly out of Mombasa Friday morning, meeting my safari crew Friday evening in Entebbe and start the overland first thing on Saturday. I doubt there will be many/any opportunities to access the internet while on the tour so this is probably my final entry!
Thank you to everyone who has read it, emailed me, commented, etc, etc. It means so much to me to know that people back home are interested and care about what I'm doing. I hope you've all enjoyed it! Kwa heri, and I'll see you all in 4 weeks time!

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11th July 2007

Ha ha that last photo is hilarious! Ah ben you look so young without all your hair! I'm glad you've had a fun time out there are I hope it won't be too hard saying all your goodbye's tomorrow. Hope trecking is amazing and I'll see you in Septemebr (Because I leave just before you come back!) Can't wait. Claire xx
11th July 2007

'Til we meet again.... (now that sounds crap!)
Hi Ben, hope your nasty throat infection clears up 'cause from the sounds of this and other posts you've been having a really good time. I hope you can come away with something from all the time at the orphanage (let's be honest, it sounds like you'd have to be stone not to!). Enjoy your safari and i'll see you when you return. Stuart
13th July 2007

Everything sound great...
Hey man! first off, i want to say that im real sorry that this is the first time that ive left you a message, and its on your last blog! so, ill make up for it with hugs and kisses and that when youre home! anywho, how the devil are you?! hope everything is going great, and by the sounds of your blogs, they are! the whole experience sounds amazing and we cant wait to hear about it when you get back! the throat infection doesnt sound great, but i hope that you get better soon! like Mabbs said, youre in a tent with us guys from the Fatty Crew again this year im afraid, but its gonna be awesome! and just to let you know that i finally finished the whole A-Levels thing, wich went really well, and awaiting results on August 16th! anyways, cant wait till you get home buddy, we all miss you like crazy, the past couple of months havent been the same without you! but when youre home, we can party on down at Soul! Love, hugs and kisses, Luke x

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