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January 31st 2014
Published: June 5th 2017
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Friday morning Speck slept in until 9 am again. Caroline spent the morning packing and getting her hair done again. (it is so cheap to have your hair done that most women do not even own a blow dryer.) While Caroline was getting her hair done, Speck had become bored and took Janet and Shiro for a drink at Eden. Speck tried his first Guinness Foreign Extra and loved it. They returned to the house and had lunch at about 1:30 and were just waiting on Junior, who was to drive, to get home. At 4pm he still had not shown and Baba Junior suggested that Speck drive. Speck jokingly agreed, not believing that anyone would trust their car to someone who had never driven a right handed car, on the wrong side of the road, with no licence or insurance, with his wife and daughter as passengers, through maniacal traffic.

So at 5 pm Junior still was missing and Baba Junior gave Speck the keys and they were off, with Janet as the nearly useless co-driver. The trip started out ignominiously as Speck bottomed out the car on the only curb in Donholm and then nearly ran a boda boda driver off the road. After surviving the stop and go traffic jam that is Nairobi, Speck was on the A2 that would take them to Nyeri. All of a sudden Lucy said to get off at an exit. When using what he thought was the turn signal, Speck turned on the wipers. They were to stop in Thika and pick up Lucy's sister in law, Josephine. This required going thru several round-a-bouts and then thru a security gate. After water and fruit Josephine was aboard and they were headed to the highway and Nyeri, but wait now they needed grapes and strawberries so another detour and Speck is left blocking a lane of traffic outside a grocer as he watches the sun go down with a rising feeling of dread. Now you can add driving in the dark to his list of challenges. But wait, there's more, when they finally get back to the highway Speck discovers that when Kenyans use their headlights they only use their brights. Every oncoming car is a moment of blindness. Once when trying to pass a lorry that was passing another lorry, an oncoming car appeared and Speck pulled off the road onto the right side of the road. Additional excitement was provided by a seriest of police check points... Because what would an illegal driver enjoy more than being stopped by the police... when he is blatantly NOT FROM HERE. The trip continued and still every time that Speck changed lanes he hit the wipers, usually coinciding with a moan of "every time..." and sometimes a "stupid road and stupid potholes". About 10 pm the car was parked safely in the driveway and after a meet and greet and quick meal, Speck took his exhausted, post adrenalized self to bed.


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