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May 30th 2011
Published: June 6th 2011
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Mt. Kenya Safari Club has a grand past. Today we went to Ol Pejeta, which means fresh green grass. Inside the park was the Sweetwaters chipanzee sanctuary, funded by the Jane Goodall Institute. I am starting her autobiography tonight, it helps to know more about her work, then to see it in action. We walked the wooded grounds, it was very jungle-like. We learned from our guide that there are 41 chimps on two sides of the Nanyuki River. Chimpanzees don't swim so the factions from different parts of Africa will not intermix. There would be much violence if they ever did get together. We watched many of them and their actions are very human-like. I could have stayed longer, but there was more to see. Giraffe, impala, and finally rhinos, white rhino, which first was wide mouth rhino, but somehow colonialist took it to mean white. There are only a handfull left in the world, and we saw at least 7 of them! They are brown, unlike the black rhino we saw in the Serengeti. This afternoon we caught up on sleep with a two hour nap. The bumpy roads take a toll on your body. My backside is almost good as new, thankfully. Carol and I took a walk around the grounds, almost trying the maze, but decided not as it was near dark. Many people had massages and facials and raved about them, hope to sit by the pool tomorrow. Watched TV, some CNN, and slept like a baby.


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