Mt.Kenya- The Summit- Day 8

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August 25th 2009
Published: August 25th 2009
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Today we were woken up at four in the morning. I was not exactly happy or excited about being woken up this early but we had to if we wanted to get off this mountain in time to keep the schedule on track. We all got up heavy headed and sat down and tried to drink a cup of tea. We all suited up for the harsh cold elements outside and started our trek to the summit. After twenty minutes of walking, I felt weak and I started to throw up. It turns out I had altitude sickness but I pushed on even though I felt like I was about to collapse from exhaustion. Some of us became so tired and honestly, I thought I was going to snap from craziness from being sick and overly cold. After so much pain, determination, and walking, all of the Kenya team finally made it and we watched the sunrise from the summit. We were so happy and felt so accomplished that I was going to explode from joy that I finally made it to the point we had been hiking to for the past five days. After the sunset passed, we all were led down the path of the summit and we all made it back in the happy warmth of the Austrian hut. We geared up all of our day sack and rut sack supplies and began one heck of a journey down Mt.Kenya. First, we hiked all the way down from the Austrian hut back down the rocky hills back to the Mackenzie hut. It took a few hours but we made it, had breakfast at the station, and refilled our canteens. After a few hours, we all decided to head down from the hut to the Med Station. We hiked down the trail past the river and we all hiked past the open barren fields and then ledged past our old camp stop and after three hours of hiking past rocks I made it to the forest. I hiked on a trail and vegetation was all around me and for a while I walked past the all the vegetation I made it back the swampy area and began making Ms.Genna surprised by leaping over every mud hole and dodging most the mud that barricaded my way while she didn't have as good as luck as I did. After hours we made it back to the first forest we were in and hiked back all the way down past the familiar large ever scent tree and finally after over eight hours of hiking downwards I had made it back to the Med. Station and happily let my day sack fall from my shoulders and all of the Kenya team later each put in over thirty dollars each for a tip for our porters, cook, and mountain guides. They were very helpful and without these people we probably would not even made it as half as far as we came to. We all relaxed until 6:30 pm, we drove off back to the Blue Line hotel, and I fell fast asleep from exhaustion of the extraneous walking and with hopes that I was ready for the school visit tomorrow.


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