Mt. Kenya- Perilious Path to the Austrian Hut- Day 7

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August 25th 2009
Published: August 15th 2011
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Today we rose early in the morning once again but this time it was to something beautiful. It was snowing outside and a white beautiful blanket had already covered the ground. This was the first time in my life that I had every since snow and this showed me the diversity and beauty of Kenya's landscape and Mt.Kenya has shown me many different types of animals the farther we have gone up it, the more diverse amount of animals we began to see. Today's trekk was probably the most dangerous, difficult, tiring, and challenging hike yet. We started to hike and we saw large hills that were covered in unstable little pebbles. We hiked up these paths and we had to watch our every step. Even while doing this the path we had to take was unpredictable unstable and here and there we would slip. The one thing that saved me from serious injury was my walking stick. It helped me stand up and supported me and caught me from several nasty falls but I still fell a few times. After hiking up hill after hill of pebbles we finally caught glimpse of a hut surrounded by an icy floor. We had finally made it to the Austrian hut after the all the hours of hiking uphill, after all the pain and suffering we finally came to the last hut before the summit. We all stayed inside the hut for the night and we all had to bunk in two beds. As we all crammed into the two large beds I laid my head down for rest for what lied ahead tomorrow was the goal we have been hiking for, for four days we would be doing tomorrow.


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