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November 20th 2008
Published: November 22nd 2008
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This bush is called "Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowThis bush is called "Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowThis bush is called "Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

It has a very sweet jasmine scent.
When I knew I had a chance to come to Kenya, I was excited to see an African country (I don't count Morroco as truly African)...and of course to experience close up the mythological animals of my childhood: lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras. I was eager to learn a new culture and language.

What I didn't expect was to feel such a strong attraction to the country itself, one that was evident the instant I arrived in the Highlands...It is really hard to describe what attractas me so much to this part of the world....there is the physical beauty of the hills, mountains, and plains, and the gentle kindness of the people..but somehow that doesn't come near the deep connection I feel with his land...

I have talked to other westerners about this...maybe it's the fact that all humans started out here and there is something of the Garden of Eden here? Or there is something about the combination of the wildlife, the people, the history, the climate, and the air that is greater than the sum of the parts...Don't know.. but it is powerful!

I've added some photos of the local wild flowers and of the end
Christmas and end of term assemblyChristmas and end of term assemblyChristmas and end of term assembly

These teachers sang beautifully..the parents all came...
of we go the Mountain Lodge for a over night..a thank you to Vicki from the school for all her hard work...

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