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Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Central Highlands August 4th 2010

Jambo, Jambo (hello) Kenya and Tanzania. Our Qatar airlines flight from Morocco to Kenya via Tripoli and Dohar- a 25th century of Los Vegas with Oil and no concern for Electricity - was a long long flight but seemingly the only route from North to East Africa. This is a very modern airline with excellent cabin service reminicent of the heyday of Singapore and Lauda air. First impressions of Nairobi was a grey dirty and dusty big city with the second biggest slum in the world after Soweto. Our tourist hotel was surrounded with security and we were advised not to walk down into the city. Kidnapping, shootings and robbery are seemingly quite common and especially targetted at tourists. But after 24 hrs in the air we were quite happy to rest and not explore before ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Central Province » Central Highlands February 13th 2010

Yesterday we travelled by matatu from the lowlands of Naivasha (and the Lake that we had been staying at) up to the Central Highlands of Kenya - the road was one of the bumpiest, most pot-holed roads that we have experienced yet (though nothing compared to our journey from Talek back to Narok!!). I had been expecting a relaxing, lush little mountain village, but we were met with a bustling dusty town (a lot like many others we had driven through in the lowlands), and arrival was anything but relaxing- with our matatu getting surrounded by noisy matatu touts before we had even stopped! We had about 30 men shouting at us, trying to get us to go here there and everywhere and I felt like I was a peanut-butter and jam sandwich being thrown to ... read more

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