Blogs from Mamou, Guinea, Africa


Africa » Guinea » Mamou May 7th 2012

Monday Day 44 We're in Guinea! And we're pretty sure we're the first overland truck to come here! We've seen some of the most friendliest people this morning. We'd camped only 50km from the border last night and left our campsite at 07:15, spotting baboons - our first wild animal! What we think was the border was situated right next to a large school and children started amassing on and around a mound in the corner of their grounds, waving and yelling. One bright little spark got the idea to run out the school gates to get closer to us and half the kids followed. Looking down from the truck, we started counting in French and they all joined in, counting all the way to fifty. When we applauded, they all joined in and we continued ... read more
Antelope for sale!

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