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Africa » Ghana » Central » Cape Coast December 28th 2013

Here are some more photos from our time it Kakum.... read more
It's very green here!
Checking out Frank

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra December 27th 2013

I woke up around 630, I think. I was cold, sort of. The overhead fan was blowing like crazy, and I liked the breeze, but I wanted a barrier between me and the air. (I’m just sleeping on a mattress- no top sheet or blankets.) I covered myself with a towel and laid back down I listened. To Africa. I love that sound. Birds chirped and leaves blew outside as people shuffled around in their flip-flops (slippers). The fan clicked overhead. Chickens clucked, and a dog whined. I smiled and fell back to sleep. A few hours later, it was time to get up for real. Rosemary made Frank and I porridge- roasted cassava, ground up and cooked in water. It was fine, but not my favorite, mostly because it was really hot. Alex and Rita ... read more
Frank and I
Clean Room?

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra December 26th 2013

(I am having to write these at night and post the following day. This one isn't finished. I'll try to add more to it when I can.) Logistics: Frank and I went to midnight mass on Tuesday evening, as is tradition for his family. That also meant we were up very late Christmas morning. Tato woke me up with some sort of singing toy and told me it was time to do Christmas. He’s older now, so it’s fewer gifts that are much more expensive. Dad made breakfast, and he and I headed to Frank’s house. Frank wasn’t quite ready, but we got to the airport in time anyway. We sat in the last row of the small plane and went to Seattle. While waiting at the terminal, I asked for a picture of the two ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra December 25th 2013

I had planned to write some big, fancy, exciting blog to kick-off our trip to Ghana. Instead, this is all you get. Apparently having a full-time job and leaving on Christmas ensured not everything on my list got completed. But, it's time! Frank and I are sitting in the airport about to board the flight to Seattle, then across the pond!... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Accra November 9th 2013

This was the fourth trip Kwesi and I did together to Accra. Kwesi has gone each year but I missed a few in between! The plants around Kwesi's mom's house are beautiful. We spent about ten days visiting in Accra with Kwesi's mom and also touching base with Faustina, the director of True Vision Ghana (TVG: Fausti and I managed to get a shopping day in to buy crafts that I then help to sell in Canada to raise a bit of money for TVG.... read more
Meghan and Faustina
Baby goats at home
Amazing cactus at home

Africa » Ghana » Central October 21st 2013

This girl!!! Actually, it's really not that bad all things considered. I spiked a fever on Saturday after writing that last blog entry and basically felt like I had the flu by 9am, so I went to the clinic to get some bloodwork done. I suspected that I had typhoid, but it was a bit of a surprise that I have malaria as well. I actually consider myself fortunate- typhoid is pretty easy to treat and diagnose, but malaria comes on very abruptly and often with little warning. If I hadn't been symptomatic of typhoid then I probably wouldn't have gone to get a blood test and would have diagnosed my malaria much later. I was also lucky in the sense that I got to write my own lab test (and avoid the 3hour long triage ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central » Winneba October 19th 2013

I can't believe it's already Saturday again!!! The days here are so long but the weeks fly by. Last Sunday, brook, one of the other volunteers here wasn't feeling so hot. We all have gotten on and off sick with GI bugs here and there, but she actually spiked a fever so we decided to go to the clinic. Sundays are days of worship here- mass on Sunday typically goes from 9am to 1 or 2 pm and is basically a giant party- lots of singing and dancing. I wish church was like that at home! Anyways, because it was Sunday there was only one nurse, a friend of ours named Francisca, working the clinic. She didn't have access to the medications and the lab was closed, so we had no way of getting brook a ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Central October 10th 2013

Today was... Awesome. Where to start... I got up around 430am and went with brook, one of the other girls here, for a run. We jogged down to the coast and did sit ups in the grass by the beach... Awesome way to start your day. My endurance is complete crap right now because of my lack of nutritional intake but it still felt good to get my heart pumping a bit. After that we came back and had crepes for breakfast, by far my FAVORITE thing in Ghana. Awesome. I'm also addicted to this chocolate drink you add to boiled water to make hot cocoa- it's Called milo and I got to have some if that for breakfast... Good start to the day. Clinic in the morning was pretty standard... Lots of malaria and typhoid ... read more

Africa » Ghana October 9th 2013

Weblog Things here in Ghana are fine. "Fine " seems to be the word everyone uses to describe things around here... If I ask my sick febrile patient with malaria "eti sen?" (How are you?) the is ALWAYS "eh ye" (I'm fine.) Nobody in Ghana complains about anything. Everything is always "fine" On Monday I helped suture up an 8 year olds eyebrow laceration. They have almost no pain management here. The kid was an angel, he just say there while we used huge sutures (like the kid you see used to close abdomens of obese patients after abdominal surgery) to stitch up his face. Didn't even cry, didn't say a word. At the end I asked him how he was and he just said "I'm fine, thank you" in twi. Makes me really feel like ... read more

Africa » Ghana September 16th 2013

I'm writing my first entry from my bunk bed under the cover of some mosquito netting. I don't even know where to start... Ghana is incredible. The country and people are beautiful but both suffer a great deal due to lack of resources. the regions of Ghana that I have seen are very dry with dusty red dirt, short trees and tall grass covering anything that's not man made. Our village, senya, is about a ten minute walk from a beautiful beach. If I took a picture of it and told you it was a photo of Hawaii you wouldn't think twice. Unfortunately; there is no sewage system or garbage/waste management In the entire country. Some places have toilets, but they drain into an open sewage system of gutters in the ground about 2 to 4 ... read more

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