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Africa » Ghana September 16th 2013

I'm writing my first entry from my bunk bed under the cover of some mosquito netting. I don't even know where to start... Ghana is incredible. The country and people are beautiful but both suffer a great deal due to lack of resources. the regions of Ghana that I have seen are very dry with dusty red dirt, short trees and tall grass covering anything that's not man made. Our village, senya, is about a ten minute walk from a beautiful beach. If I took a picture of it and told you it was a photo of Hawaii you wouldn't think twice. Unfortunately; there is no sewage system or garbage/waste management In the entire country. Some places have toilets, but they drain into an open sewage system of gutters in the ground about 2 to 4 ... read more

Africa » Ghana August 6th 2013

Things I missed about England 1. Cheese. Gooey, melted cheese. People just don’t eat cheese in Ghana. You can get it, but it’s really expensive and hard to find. 2. Hot showers. And hot water coming out of the tap. 3. Being able to go out in cropped trousers or shorts, and not get bitten to pieces by mosquitoes. 4. Diet Coke. I only found “Coca Cola Light” once the whole time I was in Ghana. And it wasn’t the same. And the coke there goes flat REALLY quickly as soon as you’ve opened the bottle. 5. Cadbury’s chocolate – particularly “Marvellous Creations Jelly Bean Popping Candy Shells” 6. Being able to smoke in public and not get shouted at 7. McDonald’s breakfasts (Mmmmm McMuffins) 8. Being clean. No matter how well you scrub in the ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra August 4th 2013

I'm at the airport, waiting to get on the plane. *Sigh*. I SO don't want to go home! I have had such an amazing time... I left the volunteer house at about 7pm, I stuck my head around the kitchen door, and told people I was leaving, then I kind of got engulfed with hugs...Ryan and Shauna said they'd walk with me up the road to where the taxis drive past, and then Freya came too, and she carried my big rucksack for me. So sweet of them. Got my taxi, gave the girls a hug goodbye and I was on my way. The taxi driver wanted to know all about life in England, and was asking lots of questions about why England let homosexuals be homosexual. I asked him if he was a Christian, and ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Teshie August 4th 2013

Last night, I was happily chilling on the patio at about 11pm, when Ryan and Shauna twisted my arm to go to the bar. I found out that it's called "Purple Roof". It didn't take much convincing, so off we went. As happened the night before, the dogs walked us all the way there (Bobby and Peace), and tried to even come up the stairs to the bar with us! It was such a funny night - a few Ghanaian men came over to chat, and one of them (who claimed he lived in Holland) kept coming back again and again. He was so funny, the things he came out with. He said "Me and my sister...we have a child....from China....ooks like a zebra". And I started laughing - and said "You had a baby with ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Teshie August 3rd 2013

Last night at the bar was so fun! We had only intended to go for one drink, maybe half an hour, but we ended up staying 3 hours. In the end, there were quite a few of us - Me, Laura, Steffi, Sammy, Raisa and Mathias. And Sonja joined us later. We left from the house, and two of the dogs followed us out the gate (Bobby and Peace). They walked with us all the way to the bar, kind of protecting us and making sure we were ok, which was pretty cool. Especially seeing as Peace doesn't seem to like us all that much! It was fairly bizarre. Looking around where I live, there is poverty. Not by Ghanaian standards, but by Western standards. People carve out a living by selling things from the front ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Teshie August 3rd 2013

I really don't want to forget the amazing people I have met here, so I thought I'd take some time to write a little bit about all the amazing people I have met here :) Linnea - One of the first people I met - she took me under her wing and showed me around, taking me down to Brigade to get my money changed and showed me where the shops were. She is from Sweden and is a blonde girl with a big smile. She also taught me how to banter and haggle with the taxi drivers to get a decent fare. She travelled on to Kenya after I'd been here less than a week though, sadly. Ryan - One of the longer term volunteers. She is 21 and from Texas in the USA. She ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Teshie August 2nd 2013

School as usual this morning. I got there and as it was Friday, it was Religious Education. Except they did nothing. Absolutely nothing. From 9am until break at 10am, Lucy just sat there, chatting to other teachers and myself, whilst the students occupied themselves with stickers that somebody had brought in. I got a few photographs and Lucy and I talked about the education system in the UK vs. Ghana. They too, get visits (like we do with Ofsted), theirs being from the Ghana Education Service. But they don't seem to have lesson plans or anything, which is strange. I left after break, and didn't make a big deal of it being my last day. I'd bought every student in my class a pencil and an eraser, and some pens for Lucy to mark with. She ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Teshie August 1st 2013

I slept really well last night, perhaps due to the fact I'd chucked out my mosquito net from around my bed. Every night I'd wake up tangled in it! Not like I'm sleeping in a mud hut - there are no mosquitos in my room anyway. When I arrived, most people were using them so I thought it'd be a good idea, but the other 3 I share with don't use them anymore now anyway. Got to school for 9am, only to find out that the students' exam papers STILL weren't it was teaching as usual. You may wonder why I even bothered going, seeing as they were supposed to have exams, but in Ghana, teachers can help the students in exams, so long as they don't answer the questions for them. Anyway - Lucy ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Teshie July 31st 2013

This morning I got up a bit late, as I woke up in the night and couldn't get back to sleep. It was too hot, I was itching too much from mosquito bites, and Bobby was barking. I only found out in the morning WHY he was barking - because Peace had come home! He was missing for 4 days in total, and in that time we got the new puppy! I still made it to school in time though, and the students for once were fairly well behaved! The rest of the school's exam papers were ready so they started exams, but my class' papers weren't ready, so we had a normal morning. I find it strange here that there seems to be no structure to the lessons. The kids just sit around, annoying each ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Greater Accra » Teshie July 30th 2013

So this morning there was some confusion about whether the puppy is a boy or a girl...there has been a lot of debate! We spent last night looking after the pup, trying to get it to eat but to no avail. It didn't want water either, and just kept crying. I guess it's used to being around 30 kids at the orphanage, as well as the other puppies in the litter. I tried hand feeding it pasta and vegetables and it ate some, so that is good :) We took it back to the orphanage today though. We got to the orphanage for 9am, to get the kids ready to take them to the beach. They were super excited. The little ones had a big bowl of sunscreen they were smearing eveverywhere, and they were getting ... read more

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