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July 3rd 2011
Published: July 3rd 2011
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Before I forget! At Green Turtle on Friday, we were happily sipping away on our cocktails when a Ghanaian guy approached the table. He greeted us and stated that he had come to request Beibhinn as his "friend"! After much small talk we found out that he worked for NorPalm and that he was working in the area but was currently taking a rest. He asked several times for Beibhinn to share her name and be his friend, both of which she managed to elude to...but not for long! He told us his name and after much deliberation we came to the conclusion that he was "Edwed". Ghanaian's seem to have slight difficulty pronouncing the "b" sound so Edwed thought he was now friends with "Kevin"! Marriage proposal number one for Kevin!

At Han Palace, the local Chinese restaurant, I was introduced to the owner, Gary, as Teresa's cousin Alison. Obviously Gary had forgotten my name by the time we were leaving so I am now simply, "Madam Cousin"!

While we found it very funny and clearly thought we were being highly original, Teresa remains unimpressed with her new name, Mother Teresa! A few people have asked if myself and Kevin are her daughters to which we came up with the witty response of Mother Teresa.

Also at Green Turtle on Friday, Edwed asked Peter for his name and quickly responded with, "Oh! Peter from the bible!". Peter said that he was in fact Peter mentioned in the bible at which Edwed was momentarily confused...

So we are now a group of four Abroni travelling in the Western Region of Ghana named Mother Teresa, Peter from the bible, Madam Cousin and Kevin! We've reached celebrity status after only 4 days! SUCCESS!


4th July 2011

Han Palace
I like the sound of this Han Palace place!

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