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September 17th 2009
Published: September 17th 2009
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This time for a change i thought i would write in advance of my plans for the weekend.
I am heading up a group with a few friends that is going to dodi island in the eastern volta region this weekend to help out and do some work. we will be leaving on friday with all our supplies including cement and trees and food besides the normal things like TP and dishes. we are set to come back on Monday during teh day, and the whole trip including accomadation food and supplies should cost about 75CAD.

These Friends of mine are the same ones who have the schools in Accra that i have been going to for teaching. They ( my frineds) have built a school for the children on the island because otherwise they children would have to canoe for about an hour to get to the main land each day for school. Unfortunately, there is not a teacher in place yet, and the main reason for that is that there is no place for a teacher to live on the island. Thus we are using hte afore mentioned cement to build foundations for a volunteer/teacher building.

We are also working on transplanting a small grove of mango trees ( about 40 in all) and assigning one tree to each child to take care of. This will prevent erosion and provide some fruit for the childrens diet in the long run so it is a pretty good project.

we will be sleeping in the bush with our mosquito nets and doing a lot of singing around a fire at night sine there is not electricity on the island. meals will be eaten and cooked communally, my favorite way.

the people in the volta are mostly ewe in background, as compared to the ashanti region a few hours away that is asante and fante. Both regions have numerous immigrants in the capital region where i stay normally so the languages etc wont be anything too out of the ordinary.


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