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Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta October 29th 2016

Two days of flying and we are in Accra. It's dark, hot and humid. We are greeted by Armstrong, brightly dressed, helpful and smiling. The hotel is cool, the bed soft. In the morning we are greeted by more smiling, helpful people. In the hotel, in the street, in the market. We wander through the city to the coast - no real beach in Accra, just a rocky shore. Everywhere ladies sit on the roadside selling food, stationery, hardware, clothes. Ancient minibuses rattle past, hooting and belching diesel smoke. It is over 30 degrees and the humidity is near 100%. We don't so much sweat as melt. The next day we are off to the Millet Festival at Odumase. We arrive just as the parade of chiefs is starting. First come the lowest ranking chiefs, walking ... read more
Kodor's son
Chiefs' parade

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta January 9th 2011

18:05 I had the best time ever today! I went on a day long safari. I had 2 get up extra early (5 am) 2 catch a peek of all the fascinating animals. It’s a good job my Camera has a very powerful zoom in because I wouldn’t like 2 get near half of those animals I saw today. There was a giant scorpion, birds, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, monkeys and lots more. Some tourists and guides and I travelled round the Digya National Park, by Lake Volta, in a Land Rover exploring, sight-seeing and taking pictures. It was great. My next stop is Lake Chad in Chad. With my rented Land Rover I’m going to drive on the Coastal main roads up to Lagos, stop for a rest at Lagos and then carry on traveling on ... read more
venomous snake

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta January 8th 2011

13:24 The Boat trip was fantastic!! There were so many amazing sights and people and most of all animals. It cost 3 USD (United States Dollar) for a 3 hours cruise. I got a great picture of Elephants right up close on the bank of the lake. They were huge! The sailor told me they weigh up to 7500kg. This afternoon I plan 2 go fishing but first I’m going 2 an African Café. ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta January 7th 2011

21:17 Today was amazing!! I’ve booked a Boat trip for tomorrow just after lunch. Lake Volta, as I found out, is the largest reservoir by surface area in the world and it’s man-made! It’s completely all in Ghana and cost the country £70 million. It takes up over 3.6% of Ghana’s land and is 6 degrees of Latitude north to the Equator. I had a picnic next to the Lake and I saw loads of unusual people and Animals. Some people go around with humongous, heavy baskets on their heads selling Sachets of Water! I was quite surprised but apparently that’s normal. I can’t wait for my boat trip tomorrow. It’s really hot here…already I’ve gone through 1 bottle of sun-cream and I’ve only been here for 2 days. It was around 49 degrees at midday ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta May 13th 2010

Here's one about Shia, madventurer's famous little village an hour away from Ho. So when the new volunteers arrived in Ho we (Izzy, Harriet and me) all shipped ourselves into their fancy air-con tro and headed over to Shia. We may have been a little sentimental about leaving Ho but more excited about all the new people and the crazy new project. So we were told we were to help build a new technical block for the local college. This would help the students who were training in carpentry skills. So the main part of the project for us, seeing as we were only there for two weeks was clearing the area, digging the foundations and making bricks. There were a lot of locals eager to help which meant that some of the time we weren't ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta August 13th 2009

Hoi! Nou dat was me weer een weekje! We zijn naar e volta regi gegaan en hebben Suus en Guus daar kunnen helpen met hun projecten. Zij zijn hierheen gekomen om de lokale bevolking een stapje verder te helpen en hebben daarvoor thuis het een en ander aan euro's ingezameld. (altijd handig!) Er zijn inmiddels overal prullenbakken neergezet, plafonds, luiken, en stoelen&tafels gemaakt in de scholen, verder zijn de scholen wat opgeknapt wb de muren en aan de binnenkant hebben wij geholpen het geheel wat op te fleuren. Dus nu zijn er overal vlaggen van afrikaanse landen en nederland te vinden! was echt een leuk project en ook erg gezellig met die twee. hadden een vast adresje om te eten 's avonds en wij sliepen in een lodge met uitzicht op groen bedekte heuvels en een ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta July 27th 2008

Part of Paul Kpai’s vision for economic development of his Have community and surrounding region is to promote tourism in the stunningly beautiful Volta Region. With that in mind, Paul treated Celia, me, and Jason (another Village Volunteer in Have) to a complimentary day tour of some of the most impressive wonders in this vicinity. Lucky me, I got to do the tour again, with the newest volunteer Kim, who is from New York, and is working on “the farm,” the sustainable agriculture project established by Paul about ten years ago. The tour agenda included Wli Waterfalls, highest in West Africa; Amedzofe, the highest human habitation in Ghana; and Tafi-Atome Monkey Sanctuary. A grand tour, indeed. Paul recruited his good friend, Constance and his SRV as chauffeur and tourmobile. Paul ordered lunch prepared for the road, ... read more
Wli Waterfall (lower cascade)
Kim & Paulo atop Gemi Mountain
Sunset from Gemi Mountain

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta July 27th 2008

At 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, I hope to see a trotro to Accra stopping to pick me up beside the road at the top of the path to my home for the past seven weeks. Ready to be home and seeing family and friends, starting over with a new career (aka finding a job!), finding a home, purchasing a vehicle and paying over $4 per gallon (and rising!) for fuel, getting a phone and new cell phone plan - all the benefits and challenges of our society and culture. But, I will certainly miss this more simple but not so easy world. I depart Accra tomorrow night for London, with a brief stop to change to another British Airways Boeing 747-400 bound for JFK in New York. My daughter, Micky, lives in Manhattan, and I will ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta July 27th 2008

The day following our river trek, Paul took us to another river spot, a short drive from Kpeve town. No rice farming in this spot, just the peaceful, quiet beauty of the river, fishermen, boats, and fisher family activity in open huts on the shore. Looking across the river at this place is an island (or what looks to be an island) on which Paul dreams of having an ecotourist resort for all income levels, Ghanaians and international visitors. We had a fun day, unlike no other. In addition to enjoying the river, scenery, boats, and fishermen and family activities, we enjoyed some transportation on Paul’s motorbike. Celia and I travelled to Kpeve (a few short minutes) by trotro, and Paul met us there on his motorbike. He then took each of us, in turn, down ... read more
Fishing Boats at Rest
Cleaning the Catch
Fishermen and Boats

Africa » Ghana » Volta » Lake Volta July 23rd 2008

Knowing the Dayi River was somewhere west and not far from Have, I asked two of Florence’s (our cook) nephews, Richard and Samson, to escort Celia and I to the river. They confirmed that we could hire a fisherman there to take us out in a boat (hand hewn from one log). The 1.5 hour trek from Have-Etoe town to the Dayi River took us past town residents’ farms growing mostly cassava, yam, maize, and okra. Nearing the river, I was surprised by an old village, the original village of Have, where villagers, far from town, make a quiet living fishing and rice farming. Tilapia is the premier fish catch. After meeting the young fisherman and his family, we trekked further to the river, where a new life opened before our eyes. Life on the river ... read more
Fisherman with Tilapia Harvest
Watching the Fisherman
Trees from Another Time

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