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June 29th 2010
Published: June 24th 2010
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June 24, 2010:

I'm not gonna lie I'm pretty much Ghana obsessed now. I've been training all week for the big trip, and it's been intense and exciting. I cannot tell you how many incredibly cool things and places we'll be experiencing. I just know the world is going to end Monday morning because, seriously, this is too good to be true.

Last night Duku, our lead professor, invited all of us and our families over for dinner. It was such a wonderful gift. She started off with a libation ceremony, where any of us could call out the name of a loved one who passed on. I got the guts to call out my father's name (since I think he'd appreciate a drop of gin being poured in his honor), and was surprised by the fact that I teared up over it (my father's been gone awhile). My daughter said the ceremony gave her goosebumps, and she is now hungry to learn more about Ghanaian culture (and, even more importantly, is getting the itch to learn and travel to far away places). It's not the same as taking the family on the trip with me, but I am so grateful that I was able to share at least a little bit of the experience with them. I really do like every one in the group, and their families. It took us a few minutes to warm up, but before long it felt like any other family gathering where everyone knows everyone --- without the gene-pool drama.

Today, we received the final itinerary of where we will be staying. If you're curious (they all have pictures, one has music), here's where we'll be sleeping at night:

Week one:

Week two:

Week three:

Week four:

It looks like I'll have Internet access the whole time, but I've been warned not to depend on it. So, I'll do my best to update as often as possible.

Good God I should probably start packing, huh.


5th July 2010

nice trip
hi bettina, regards from all of us in germany. sounds like you are having a nice time, wish you nice moments over there. please, show more pictures, if you found some time for it... have you seen the socker games? germany played very good in the last game,wednesday germany gonna play with Spain. Wednesday Charles Alvin and i are flying to Spain, to have 2 weeks with his family. take care kisses yvonne and family, and uschi *smile*
10th July 2010

Wasted talent!
Hi Bettina, loving reading your stuff as usual, I know you're not wasted as a teacher, but your writing should find a wider audience than it does. I can tell you're having a great time. Hi to Yvonne and everyone in Germany as well - too bad about the team the other day :-) Spain for the world cup now! Patrick x
10th July 2010

Spain again!
yeah I was the only one at our table of 13 rooting for Germany. When Spain beat Germany in the Euro cup I was the only one at a Mexico bar rooting. I need to stop rooting for Germany in other countries --- I may be their jinx. Tomorrow I'm taking part in a 3 hour drive (each way) to hike to a shrine through a monkey preserve. We have three choices of things to do, and honest to god we were reminded that if we take this choice we might miss the final game. A nice long hike with monkeys sounded like the better option --- I know which one you would've taken.

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