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December 30th 2014
Published: December 30th 2014
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Kissing Dave.Kissing Dave.Kissing Dave.

At a Mariners game in May
December 30, 2014

The year is coming to a close and my time in Ghana is more than half over, so it’s time for a little reflection. Yesterday some of the volunteers were talking about how the year was for us. Some of us said that it had been a hard year, while others said it was one of the best. I was s part of the latter. When I thought about it I realized that 2014 has truly been one of the best years of my life. I have made some amazing changes to my life. So here it goes my year if 2014:

I started the year knowing I was going to somewhere in Africa by summer. I had applied to several organizations and got accepted by my top two choices. I ended up choosing Dream Africa and started making my plans to go to Ghana. Best decision ever! I also started Weight Watchers with the goal of losing 30 pounds before going to Ghana. I was also in the home stretch on finishing up my degree at Skagit Valley College. I was working hard on school, and getting ready to go to Ghana while eating better and exercising. I also started working at a Head Start to complete my Early Childhood Education degree. I loved working with those children and still miss those cuties. I finished my degree and lost the 30 pounds before leaving Mount Vernon on June 2. I spent a wonderful 5 days with my Grandmother before flying off to Africa on June 7.

Coming to Ghana was the best thing I’ve ever done. I have changed in so many ways already. I’ve learned new things, especially about working with different types of people from different cultures. Life in Ghana has truly given me a new perspective on life. I’ve traveled to a third world country before, but I don’t think you honestly see certain things about life unless you live in one for a long period of time. When you stand on line with locals at a hospital that wouldn’t come close to passing standards in the USA you begin to understand why we need to help. When you get used to the fact that you can slip a policeman 20 cedis you realize that the US politics aren’t as corrupt as you once thought. When you pass a garbage heap, open gutters filled with trash, and streams choked with litter you comprehend how important environmental awareness and recycling really is to our environment. Life here is so different, but I’m loving every moment.

Tomorrow we are all heading back to Big Millie’s for New Year’s. The party there will be epic! A lot of us girls got new party dresses for the occasion, including me. I’m looking forward to wearing my cute blue dress that will show off all of the weight I have lost this year, an amazing tan, and hair that’s gotten blonder from the Equatorial sun. Thank you to everyone who has joined me on the beginning of my adventures in Ghana. I still have a lot of time left with a lot of plans in the works. Happy New Year’s to everyone! I also want to wish a happy birthday to my cousin Saige, who turned 5 yesterday.

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