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July 25th 2013
Published: July 25th 2013
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This morning at school, there must have been something in the water. The children were off on a mental one. Auntie Lucy was off again, as her son Elijah is still poorly. Another teacher came in to set work, but half the children had their books missing, and it was all just a bit chaotic. They were out of control today. No matter what I did, whether it was distraction, positive reinforcement etc, they just wouldn't stop hitting, pushing, slapping and punching their classmates. There were tears every few minutes! Alfred was an absolute little monster today.He ripped his book up, and just couldn't keep his hands off the others, constantly stealing their erasers, distracting them and hitting them. The hitting isn't done in a violent way for the most part- it just seems like the want to annoy their classmates a lot! So when the headteacher came in, Alfred was caned quite hard on his legs. He definitely deserved a consequence for the way he was acting, even though I'm not saying he should have been caned. But for once, it wasn't a case of Alfred being picked on.

At breaktime, the children wanted to play with "Obruni's hair" and at one point I had 6 of them braiding it. Which was fine, until another one would push or pull one of them, meaning my hair was yanked in the process (not fun).

I taught from the front of the class today for a bit, going through their alphabet letters. They at least listen and take part in that.

I have never been so happy for it to get to midday...

But we had spring rolls for lunch, which is always the best lunch!

Went to the orphanage this afternoon, after a nice hour's nap. Freya had brought some baby toys from the UK (things like stacking cups etc) and there aren't any babies at the orphanage other than Nicki, who is not one of the orphans. So on the way, we saw a really cute toddler and his little baby sister who was just learning to walk by the looks of things. So Freya give the toy to them, and they were so appreciative. The walks to and from the orphanage are quite interesting, as there are a group of children who see me walking and shout "Debbie! Debbie!" and wave and grin. I told them my name on like, the first day I was here! I find it bizarre to see men urinating into the drains, and on the grass verges though...

It was nice to see the kids again today. Aeyela and I were playing a game with Destiny and Blessing where we were pretending that leaves were cedis (money) and they were pretending to go to the shop and coming back with our fake orders. We were also playing with some hoops, throwing them over the hoop holder, and I was playing aeroplanes with Peter and swinging him around. I also spent some time with the puppies today, especially the little one who got hit realy hard witha flipflop by one of the adults at the orphanage 😞 I scooped him up and took him away for cuddles, as he was crying and whimpering.

Speaking of animals, there is a whole dead animal (skinned) in our fridge. I'm not sure what it is, I don't want to look too closely, but possibly a pig or a goat....


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