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October 18th 2010
Published: October 29th 2010
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The rainy season is officially over and the weather is starting to get very hot. Now I see the use of the freezing cold showers! I no longer can wear my long hair down, wear pants outside, or drink hot tea in the mornings. Thank goodness we have a pool next to our dorm. The professors are finally done striking so the Ghanaian students are back on campus and everything is back to normal.
I was able to get tickets to the Black Stars v. Sudan soccer game in Kumasi last weekend so I went with three friends of mine for the weekend. We have a friend who works at the French Embassy in Kumasi so she took us in for a couple days. I had never been to a real professional soccer game before so I had no idea what to expect. What I soon found out after arriving at the stadium is that soccer fans are very passionate about their teams. The game was completely sold out and it seemed that everyone was wearing something green, red, yellow, or black to show their support for the Black Stars. A lot of people had those annoying horns that you hear during the World Cup. The atmosphere of the stadium is so exciting, soccer matches are 90 minutes long but the fans cheered the entire time! The score of the game ended up being 0-0, which was a disappointment because I would have loved to see how crazy everyone got after a goal was scored. I will never be a huge soccer fan but it was still fun to go watch a game in a place where soccer is life.
After the game it starting pouring rain and we had to run through the streets to find a bus back to Accra. Everyone was still pumped up from the game and dancing and playing in the rain so it was fun even though we got completely soaked. The bad thing was we had a four-hour drive back to Accra in a bus with the air conditioning blasting and no warm clothes to change into. Probably why my throat is feeling a little sore these days.
There was a jersey party at a club in Accra after the game, and I actually was asked to be a model on their advertising poster. The poster was all over Legon and I was the only white model on it so people would recognize me as the “White Battle Of The Fans girl” I wasn’t able to go since I went to the game in Kumasi but I heard it was really fun and they had a good turn-out.
Construction on the Children of God Community School began last week. We cleared out the whole lot and the foundation is down. A few men are helping us build and all they ask for is to be fed at the end of the day. They work so hard and quickly so we always give them a few Cedi’s extra anyway. The kids are so excited for the new school and love to come to the site after classes are finished and help the builders by collecting water or helping to shovel. There is going to be a little garden behind the school where the kids will learn how to grow their own fruits and vegetables and why good nutrition is important to their health. My friend Sean is working on creating a website that will show the progress of the school and allow people to donate to a paypal account.
I had my first test in my Twi class and it went quite well. For the final exam we are going to go to a market and speak with the locals about their products then have to bargain for something. My Twi class has only eight students so we get a lot of individual attention and it’s easier to learn the language. I have another class that has about 350 students and the professor is absolutely horrible. He always shows up at least a half hour late and is never prepared for class. He simply dictates the notes to us but never explains the material further or engages the class in debate or conversation about the material. I also hate going to that class because it’s way too crowded and very hot in the room.
A lot of people in my dorm have been getting sick lately but I have been quite fortunate that I haven’t caught anything but a cold since I’ve been here. The mosquitoes haven’t been bad, especially now since it’s starting to get hotter out. All in all October has been a good month so far! I’ll be sending another update soon. Thanks for reading!


1st November 2010

Sounds Like Legon
Enjoyed ya post. As a former "product" of Legon I can relate to the story of the late lecturer and the dishing out notes without explanation...sound like the Legon I know. Hope U leave with a good impression of Ghana..have U checked out local bars and Labadi on Thursday evening. Great time here

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