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July 26th 2013
Published: July 26th 2013
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Seeing as I'm "working" tomorrow (going to the beach with the kids from school), I took today off. This morning, myself, , Kat, Shauna and Ryan attempted to go to the art market, as Shauna wanted to buy an African drum. But her bank account wasn't playing ball, and she couldn't get any money. So we went home. Shaun sorted out her money stuff, and in the afternoon, we decided to go to the mall. As soon as we got there, we headed for the ice-cream place, and I got two scoops - one of chocolate and one of orange, so it tasted like a Terry's chocolate orange (yum). Then we headed to the supermarket, and I stocked up on coke and chocolate, seeing as they don't seem to sell chocolate anywhere here in Teshie-Nungua (apart from Bounty bars, which I found one day and can't find again). They were giving out free vodka shots in the supermarket too! So of course I had to try both types - the plain, and the lemongrass & ginger.

One thing I find horrible is that they sell puppies by the side of the road here....I've said before, but in traffic jams, people walk through selling their wares, and today there was a guy with two teeny puppies....they were so adorable! Apparently it's normal, and Jamal bought Rusky from the street hawkers one day, for 18 cidis....because he was bleeding as his tail had just been docked 😞 That's about £6 for a puppy.....

This afternoon was really fun - Shauna, Ryan and Kat were here before but when I arrived they were up North. So now they're back which is cool, as they are a good laugh!

James and Nathan left yesterday, Abby left a few days ago, and Georgia and Jasmine left today. Sad times. But now we have three new people - a mother and her daughter from Poland (although the daughter, Eva, is at uni in the UK) and the daughter's friend Marta who is Spanish but also doing her degree in London. It's nice when new people get here.

Peace the dog has gone missing - well, nobody has seen him all afternoon or evening. He came back after 3 days before though, apparently. But Freya and I had a look round outside for him, with out torches. No peace. Hope he is ok.

Right now it's just gone 11pm, and some of them have gone out to "town" after an evening of drinking. I'm just sitting in with Kat, Ryan and Shauna, and they're laughing at Youtube videos (which I'm occasionally wandering over and looking at) and we're watching movies, and I'm half-reading my Chicken Soup for the Soul book 😊


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