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July 23rd 2012
Published: September 1st 2012
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Months and months of tedious prep was about to pay off, I was finally heading back out! This time, however, it wouldn't be a trip of reckless abandon and uncertainty, but hopefully one of important purpose. For close to two years now, after deciding to go back to school, I've been having terribly itchy feet. While athlete's foot might have something to do with it, the lack of serious travel in a while hasn't helped.

A group of seven classmates and our teacher, heading out on a sunday morning, heading to Ghana, West Africa, a developing country of 24 million people with a rich and and at times dark history. We traveled with suitcases full of medical supplies and another 25 foot crate sailing across the Atlantic intent on reaching port within a few weeks. We were destined to reach a smaller rural town and volunteer at a hospital there, not only to bring along supplies but to also exchange knowledge with their staff and learn from their assessment skills in light of limited technology. I was hoping this upcoming experience would not only help us become better health care professionals but would also help me grow and learn through interaction with a different culture, something travel can always be counted on to do.

The flight to New York was rather uneventful with the exception of an overly friendly flight attendant who gave us free pringles in exchange for Reese bars. The eight and a half hour layover was different. What turned out to be a plan to get to red lobster on Long Beach, for the people in my cab at least, ended up with a drive around nearby JFK airport, an utterly confused driver, a disagreement in price, and then our prompt return to the airport. We spent the rest of our time there eating, having beer, and playing hackey outside.

The flight itself was delayed but once we got underway it was pretty awesome and although the plan was to get wasted, my eyes were so heavy and I was soon passed out. I'm accustomed to long journeys and this one flew by.

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