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February 25th 2011
Published: March 5th 2011
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After quiz night, one Tuesday evening:
After hanging around at the head office
for a bit it started to rain. And by rain I mean dump. This is only
the second time it's rained since I"ve been here. So we all moved
inside to wait it out, but eventually it just got really crowded in
the small room and it was getting late so we decide to go out and make
a run for it. By the time we reach the main road where there's taxis
we are completely drenched. Completely. So then we can't get a taxi
because no one wants to carry us wet people. Finally we see a tro and
have enough people going to our area that we essentially just rent out
the whole tro to take us back. Well this tro driver was apparently new
and also I'm sure bought his drivers license rather than actually
earning it. After driving for about 20 minutes in the pouring rain we
discover that the driver nor the mate have any clue where we are
going. They have never heard of any of the landmarks we know and are
essentailly completely useless. So here we are a tro full of 15 or so
people, soaking wet, driving aimlessly around Accra. At one point we
get to a road that must have at least 2 feet of water. Ahead we can
see all these cars and taxis stuck and then others are turning around.
We turn around, but in the process nearly run over about 6 people who
are chasing after the tro yelling because they just almost died. We
end up powering through for nearly a mile I'd say through feet deep

Some Ghanaian firsts:
First tro tro break down- I discovered the engine of the tro is under the front seats. After messing about a bit up under the front seats we set back out on the road. The people on the front seats bouncing around from the messed up engine.

First tro tro wrek-nothing serious, but it was bound to happen eventually. See previous entry on driving in Ghana.

First time holding a giant snail used for making soups-it was huge. About the size of a golf ball (the shell) and veery slimy. Think I'll pass on that kind of soup.

First bucket shower-Thanks to no running water in my new home, I've been mastering the delecate art of dumping water over my head to get clean.

First french fry in Ghana-Wow it tasted good.

And many others to be added soon...


6th March 2011

and I thought the rain stirm in Guatemala was bad!
6th March 2011

Re "The Deluge"
Sounds a little like a New Orleans rain! Also, the travel situation there sounds like parts of Costa Rica and Guatamala. Stay safe! P.S. Love hearing about your daily life there. Is there any political unrest? What about religion?

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