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April 4th 2010
Published: April 4th 2010
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Birmingham - Accra

Hey all, i'm writing my first travel from room 212 of the Airside hotel in Accra having only just discovered, despite thoroughly reading the hotels in-room info, that there is free wireless interweb! So here's our brief story up to now (this seems almost pointless as we've only been the country 24 hours - but hey). After 18 hours of traveling from Birmingham Becka and i arrived in Accra safe and sound, baggage and all, and after only a little confusion and having been ordered around by a pretty disgruntled customs lady, we arrive at the hotel at about 9pm yesterday evening. Oh and for those budding followers out there Ghana time is as for Uk but without the daylight saving - so basically one hour behind.

As for today - Becka and i thought we'd start our trip with some true african culture, so after a breakfast of fried potato, spring rolls, beans and butter cakes we hit the Accra mall! After a little shopping at the Apple store we....... ok so we only went to get some money changed and as it's Easter weekend everything else is shut - so there really wasn't much else to see. We then spent the rest of the day soaking up some rays at the poolside (Becka was very happy) and pretty much chilled for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we head for Cape Coast (about 2hrs by bus along the coast) and i'll tell you all about it next time i discover free internet. Big love to you all.

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5th April 2010

Needed Imodium yet?!??!?
Hi gorgeous people! Without meaning to sound like an old woman [shut up Rachel!] I'm so excited to be seeing pictures of you and your surroundings so soon after you left...ain't modern technology wonderful! Hope the African food experience has been a pleasant one and there's been no need to open the first aid pack as yet! I love you guys millions and pray these next days are very lovely as you spend quality time together and soak up the new experiences. Love you. Mum/Mother/Mama/V/Mutra Wanda/Big V/Wandy/Mumbly/Vandra xxxxx
5th April 2010

we miiiss you alllreeeaaddyy! Becka you better not get too tanned lady! Have fun saving lives :) x x x x face 5
8th April 2010

Like Father Like Son
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