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July 17th 2018
Published: July 17th 2018
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Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4

Photo Shoot with Class 6
Ghana Blog Week 4

Monday, has arrived and I will be in Ghana for 1 month, that’s crazy, because it doesn’t feel like I’ve been in Ghana for that long! So, this morning I had to do Theresa’s orientation in which she had to read some pages of the welcome pack and once again I have to be Theresa’s translator.

So, off we went on the road trip of the orientation, the first stop was at Michael’s friends house in which Michael’s friends baby loved me a lot and she would keep talking to me, it was so cute. After we visited the friend we moved onto the independence square, in which there we took a lot of photos with this school, who randomly came up to us. After, the photos we went to the beach in which there we had to pay 1 cedi to enter, as the men said we are paying them to clean the beach, in which then I understood and was more than happy to pay. After, the beach we went to do some African drumming in which this time I was so terrible, however Theresa was, so good at it.

After, the
Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4

Me and Justice at the Nungua Festival
orientation we went home, but straight after lunch we went straight back out to go to the mall in which surprisingly there I saw my friend! Michael left us and therefore me and the girls were left alone for 20 minutes, so me and Nasreen thought it would be a good idea to go and wonder around the mall on our own, whilst we wait for Michael to return. So, our first stop was the money exchange place in where Theresa had to change her Euro’s. Our, next stop was to the MTN phone credit place, because the girls wanted to get a Ghanaian sim card, but Michael was very surprised to see us being able to do these things on our own. After, the stores we all sat around enjoying the holiday celebration, but out of nowhere I was asked to do an interview for some television news show, I really enjoyed doing the interview, because it was so funny, as I actually had to listen to someone for once!

When we finally got home me, Nasreen and Michael sat down to watch Belgium V Japan. I really wanted Japan to win, but obviously I have such bad
Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4

Flora (Prince's daughter)
luck, so Nasreen was incredibly happy that Belgium had won, in which meant, England have to win tomorrow, otherwise Nasreen will make fun of me.

On Tuesday, was Theresa’s first day at school in which meant Prince and Doreen took us to school, which was nice, as it saved me some money. When we arrived at the school we had to do the schools assembly, to show the children all the equipment that Theresa had brought them. After, the assembly I went back to class 6 again in which I saw Sir Frank teaching English to them, the lesson was ok, I think he might have been under pressure, because of me. So, for the rest of the day I was with class 6.

When I was in class 6 another teacher came to teach IT, but as the boys didn’t do their homework, the teacher caned them, in which broke my heart it was, so hard not to cry. Theresa as well was very surprised as well.

When classed had finished for the day me and Theresa had 15 minutes to get to first junction to meet Prince, however that trotro journey I really
Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4

I love class 6!
hated, because the mate made fun of me by the way I knew the actual cost of the trotro, as he wanted me to pay more. So, the mate was speaking in Twi, so I said ‘I find it funny how you don’t think I understand Twi’, the mate then suddenly fell silent.

So, when we got to first junction Prince wasn’t even there, so I phoned him and he said he hadn’t even left the house yet (T.I.A). 20 minutes later Prince decided to turn up and take me and Theresa to the orphanage. In which Prince showed Theresa around the orphanage house.

That evening England V Croatia was playing in which meant for the whole match I was under pressure, as I really wanted England to win. When it got to penalties and we missed the goal I got up and got water, as if drinking from a sachet would somehow calm my nerves? But, when England won the penalties I literally chocked on the water.

Wednesday, wasn’t one of the best days, because I wasn’t in a good mood all day, so at school I was with class 6 again and everything was good, but by accident I had a massive go at Junior. So, I decided to go out for a walk, because I was really unhappy, but Junior assisted that he would come along with me, so we can talk. On, the walk I apologised to sir, and he was like its ok everyone has their bad days. Sir, then sat me down in the headmaster’s office and made me to write my blog, as he knows how far behind I am. All of a sudden class 5 asked for me to teach them in which we played the country quiz, in which we had to stop half way through, because the children wouldn’t stop arguing.

That day when I got home me and Nasreen had a little chat, and it was so funny, because we were talking about my different types of faces i.e. my angry bitch face. Nasreen says that she can see how I feel about someone/ how I feel by looking at my face, its mine and her joke now. Later, in the evening Kwame came over and me and all the girls had a Kwame meeting in which is where Kwame tells us lots of facts
Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4

Me at the holiday festival at the mall
and we have to either agree or debate against him.

Moving onto Thursday, I had to wake up at 5am, as me and Justice are going on our hour-long morning walk in which we both agreed to be ready by 5:30, but when I texted him I actually woke him up and he was actually grateful that I did text him for some reason…

When I arrived at the school I decided to go to Theresa’s lesson, as she wanted me to video her, however 2 of my students from class 6 decided to follow me down to class 4 and yes, the lesson was good, as Theresa was teaching the students music. But, I had to leave the lesson early, as I had to go and teach class 5, however when I got to class 5, all the students wanted to apologise to me, as they wouldn’t stop fighting yesterday. So, for that lesson once again I taught the country quiz, as that’s what class 5 wanted to learn. But, my class 6 students wanted to save me, so they were all standing outside the classroom and in which I had to lie to class 5, saying
Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4

Pictures of the holiday celebration
that I had to go and teach class 4, in which class 5 wasn’t impressed when they saw me in class 6.

Whilst in class 6 I asked the students if they have seen my friend teacher (Junior) and they all said yes, so I was very confused in why/ how I haven’t seen him yet. All of a sudden, the classroom door opened and then came the smiley face that I love, sir came to see me, as he knew that I was going to be in class 6. When I saw him, I was like don’t tell me you went back to that school and he replied with an ‘yes… but only for the morning, but I came back for you’, I wasn’t impressed so, sir decided to teach class 6 for me, as I was suppose to be teaching them, so sir decided to do the dance in which me and another student decided to copy the dance by using our fingers, and sir saw and said for me to dance and I was like sir I’m a terrible dancer. Whilst sir was doing the dance with the students, I was teaching asthma and heart attack
Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4

Me and a random guy who wanted pictures
with the boys and they were very surprised in how much I knew about the topic.

After, the students finished dancing me and the students and Junior we all decided to play a class game in which ended up with me and sir having to play against each other for the winner in which we had to name as many countries as possible and I lost as, by accidentally I said Japan and sir had already said it, I will not stop until I beat him at the game. For the rest of the school day me and class 6 decided to have a mini photo shoot in which the photos are very funny!

That evening me and everyone stood in the kitchen talking about tomorrows dinner that Nasreen has kindly offered to cook for us, she said she will cook chicken nuggets and pasta salad, I can’t wait for the chicken nuggets.

On, Friday I woke up at 5 again, because Justice wanted to go on the morning walk again, however today Justice had failed to wake up in which was kind of funny, as I texted him and his phone gave a ringtone response and
Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4Ghana Blog Week 4

Zelia and her bestie
the room next door was filled with music, because of my text, I couldn’t stop laughing.

At school was good, like always I was in class 6, however I had to teach class 5 first in which there was a clash between mine and Theresa’s timetable in which meant I let her to do her lesson and for me to relax. In class 6 I spent the time sleeping or doing arm wrestles just like normal. Then Junior came into class 6 and he made me to go with 2 other teachers to watch class 5 and class 6 doing their dance routine and I’m not going to lie, but class 6 dance routine is so much better than class 5’s. After, the students finished dancing me and Junior talked about almost anything. But, when going home it was so nice to be able to go home on my own, as I got to save money.

That evening was so good, I helped Nasreen with cooking chicken nuggets and pasta salad, oh I have missed my pasta and chicken nuggets! Hagar (Prince’s wife) is finally back home, and Flora too! Flora is all grown up and is so cute, and Hagar actually talks to me this year. After, dinner it was only me and the girls and Justice in the living room and it was so funny, because Justice and Theresa was dancing and the dance moves just left me and Nasreen in tears of laughter.

Saturday, the weekend is finally here! So, in the morning me, Justice and Theresa woke up early (6:00) to go to the gym to sign up, in which I’m really excited about, as I miss working out. At the gym I was able to reunite with Wisdom, I was actually surprised that he actually remembers me. After, the gym we went on a walk because we have to do some morning exercise, otherwise it would’ve been pointless of me getting up early.

At, around 12 me, Nasreen and Doreen went to the Junction Mall to go shopping and get pizza. So, our first stop at the mall was indeed the grocery store in which I brought a tropical body lotion, cookies and a mango fabmax (yoghurt). However, that grocery shop is so expensive, so now I see why Ghana has many markets, because the prices in the shop was so crazy even if you did translate the money into pounds. After, we went grocery shopping we went to go and get some pizza, the pizza place wasn’t that expensive, but getting a normal bottle of coke was, I don’t understand.

After, the mall me and Nasreen went to watch the football (England v Sweden), in which the match was so boring, but its ok as we did win 2-0. But, every time England scored Justice would call me, however my score prediction was correct again.

However, that evening wasn’t so good, as me and Prince had a big argument, as I didn’t like his tone of voice and he kept repeating himself, so literally I told him to stop talking, he went mad, and then I realised what I had done I got up and went to my room crying in which I heard Nasreen telling Prince that there was only culture difference, in which Prince shouldn’t be mad of me. So, Justice came to my room to see if I’m ok and when he came he saw me crying and then he started crying as well, Justice insisted for us to go for a walk, but I said it isn’t good to run away from my problems. After, me and Justice spoke I knew that I had to apologise to Prince, so when I saw him I apologised to him, and everything was ok. Before, we went to the festival everyone literally danced in the living room, however this type of dance that Justice did actually scared me. After, all the crazy dancing we all departed to the festival.

When we arrived at the Nungua festival it was crowded by so many people in a way the festival was sort of scary, because of all the drums and the outfits. To be honest I saw at least 10 students there in which was so embarrassing, because I was all dressed up with powder on my face. A man spoke to us about the festival, but I can’t remember anything that he said. Everyone, was dancing except for me, as I’m to shy to dance.

When we finally arrived home, I knew something wasn’t ok with Justice, because he looked so sad, so I took him to my room, so that we can talk, and he was so sad, because he was drunk and he told me that he is addicted to alcohol, in which as a friend I offered to help him to get over his addiction, as it makes me so sad seeing him in this mess.

After, we finished I went to talk to Prince, and strangely enough Prince said in the future I would marry a Ghanaian and not an English man, this has to be the weirdest conversation that I have ever had with Prince. So, then Theresa came to the room with a bite rash and everyone in the house expected me to help her, as everyone was to drunk to help.

Before, I was able to go to bed that evening I went to the bathroom and I heard outside was Justice asking where I was, and so when I came out he said he wanted to talk for some more, so of course I talked to him. Justice literally begged for me to help him with his drinking problem and Prince had to come and tell Justice to let me sleep, but I honestly didn’t mind, as I really liked talking to Justice about his problem.

Finally, Sunday today I was supposed to meet Kwame in the morning to spend the whole day with him, but strangely enough he didn’t reply to my calls, in which meant for the whole day I was waiting for him to call me back to tell me what happening. Whilst waiting for Kwame I decided to sit outside, because I was too bored in staying indoors, whilst sitting outside I came across the next door neighbours. So, one of the next-door neighbours decided to come and sit with me in which was great, that I was able to talk to somebody new. When talking to the neighbour we clicked instantly, it was so weird its like we have some things in common. All of a sudden Prince came outside and I was like why are you not with Kwame? I was like, Kwame hasn’t responded to my calls, so Prince phoned Kwame and before I know it I was in the taxi to Kwame’s. Never, before has Prince ever let me to go to Kwame’s place on my own, so when I got into the taxi I gave the taxi driver my phone, so that he can chat with Kwame, as Kwame wanted to tell the taxi driver the directions to the place.

When arriving at Kwame’s it was so funny, as we drive pass Kwame, we both burst out laughing, I don’t know why, the taxi driver was confused, but who could blame him. So, once I was out of the taxi me and Kwame went to his place in which there I saw Matilda and Hagar (Kwame’s sisters), Hagar said to me ‘Ah what a surprise seeing you here’, well to be honest every weekend I’m pretty much here, so technically Hagar should’ve expected my arrival to the house. So, at the house me and Kwame watched Flora and her friend pretend fighting it was, so cute, but annoying when your trying to concentrate on eating. When it came to the time that I have to leave Kwame I left with Hagar in which waiting for the taxi takes so long there by the time we got home I was utterly so tired, that I just went to bed.

So, that’s the end of another Ghana Blog week 4, honestly on this trip in 1-month friendships have been broken, trust has been broken, on the other hand new friendships have been made, new memories have been made that will stay with, me forever, as if like a story. So, the story must continue…


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