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May 24th 2011
Published: May 24th 2011
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Hello everyone, sorry it has been so long since my last entry but I haven't been on the internet for a while!

First things first, the wedding reception, which I was about to go to last time I was writing. This was a rather interesting affair, although quite similar to an English one in many ways. It was held in a big hall at a University just on the outskirts of Accra and was a buffet meal with a high table and there were some speeches - so far very English. However, the start time was officially 3:30 and we were some of the first there at 5pm, with guests continually arriving throughout the night. The members who sat at the high table didn't actually know they would be sitting at it until they were called to sit at it by the 'MC', so again, a little different. At the end of it everyone pretty much went home really quickly, there wasn't much of a party and there was no dance floor, but it was a fun event nevertheless.

We all stayed the night at Helen's sister's house and we were going to get the SYTO car back with all of the family this time, rather than getting the tro down separately. This was a grave error, for several reasons. Firstly, on Saturday night I asked Helen what time we would leave the next morning and she said 'When everyone wakes up.' This excited me as I thought that it meant I could actually have a lie in, but more fool me. At half 4 Francis woke me up saying 'Come on it is half 4 already you need to get up' ... and then we didn't actually leave until 6 because all of the ladies took ages to make themselves look pristine for a private car trip.

The car itself was ridiculous. There were about 14 of us for a van that would squeeze 12 in uncomfortably anyway, meaning I had a very uncomfortable journey home considering the size of some of the occupants of the vehicle. To make matters worse, we just kept stopping for no real reason! Well, there was a reason - so the fat ladies in the back could buy food. The amount they ate in the trip was unreal, and they also seemed to do their weekly food shop by the side of the road along the way. All-in-all, it meant a 5 hour journey took 8 and I think it's fair to say it was one of my most unpleasant journeys to date.

I didn't quite realise how much I had to write on the wedding, so I shall write the rest of the week in another entry.

Speak to you in a few minutes,
Sam(uel) x


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