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June 3rd 2012
Published: June 3rd 2012
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A bit of life since we've been back in Ghana.

A picture is worth a 1,000 words.

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Mother's Day GreetingsMother's Day Greetings
Mother's Day Greetings

Village Life -Stop just before the top of the hill, clmb up on the log and slowly scan from side to side. If you're lucky you'll find what you're looking for - phone reception.
"Going" Green in the Village"Going" Green in the Village
"Going" Green in the Village

The environmentally friendly, "All Natural" school toilet project under way.
Just Passing ThruJust Passing Thru
Just Passing Thru

I heard some "noises" during the night. After debating if I REALLY want to see the source, I switched on my flashlight. There it was - on the top of my mosqito net. I didn't know mice could walk upsidedown!. He/she was holdng onto a 2" piece of wood that runs along the ceiling. I wasn't too creaped out until ... I heard the PLOP!. At least on the ceiling I knew it wasn't coming INSIDE the net. Now on the floor the question became "where will it go next?"
Just When You Think The Journey is OverJust When You Think The Journey is Over
Just When You Think The Journey is Over

One reason we really try not to travel during the night. Only one more mile and we'll be in our village of Apebouso. An abandon, broken down timber truck next to the timber truck that broke down last year! Sometimes you gotta make your own road!
Slow GoingSlow Going
Slow Going

What is left of our main road is littered with potholes 6-8 inches deep! Ugh
Stress Relief!Stress Relief!
Stress Relief!

At the end of a 1hr drive and 22 miles of potholes we find a bit of joy.
Remember the Book Finding WaldoRemember the Book Finding Waldo
Remember the Book Finding Waldo

This was the state of our office in early May during a house renovation project. Can you fnd Kirk?
My Husband "A-Doors" Me!My Husband "A-Doors" Me!
My Husband "A-Doors" Me!

At the end of the dust and rubble of renovations is the new doorway I've been hoping for.

3rd June 2012

Love the pics!
Thanks so much for the pics that make me feel like I'm back there. I'm so grateful for your faithfulness and perseverance. Your house looks lovely and "good job Kirk"! Is that Praise in the pool? Can't believe how big! Blessings! Nancy

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