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Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi July 22nd 2006

Well then... an awful lot has happened since my last real post, so bear with me as my scatterbrained brain tries to cover it all. Firstly... I tried Batik. A friend I have made that does all the batik (making of cloth with wax and die) for most of the schools around offinso offered to teach cassie and I how to do it, so Cassie and I spent the entire day with him, doing the whole thing ourselves and he even took us to the dissability home where he teaches them twice a week so that they can make money from their work. I got made fun of by one of the apprentises as I proceeded to draw spaceships on my cloth (the only thing I know how to draw with any sort of ability) because ... read more
My ghanaian dress
Kids at school
The road to the shrine

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi July 14th 2006

Once again I composed an entry and had it dissappear... suffice it to say not much has happened except that I learned to make batik and spent a day doing construction on the new school... and now for some pictures. ... read more
Mom reading to my class
Women from the village fetching water from our well

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi June 27th 2006

We got back from Kumasi last night after a looooong tro-tro ride that almost did me in. The ride there wasn't bad at all, just typical tro-tro business. The only problem was that we had to wait for 2 1/2 hours at the station for our tro-tro to fill up...when you're waiting, you have to actually sit in the van to keep your seat so we were all crammed in for what seemed like an eternity. The ride to Kumasi took about 5 hours and I don't think there's an inch of pavement between Oda and Kumasi, bumpy roads the whole entire way. When we got to Kumasi, we got off at the station (it's the biggest one in west Africa I think) and it was CRAZY!! Kumasi traffic is OUT OF CONTROL...Atlanta doesn't even come ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi June 11th 2006

Hello faithful bloggers, We are so sorry, we wrote a massive letter about a week ago and it didn't work! We are so sad about that. Tonight is our last night ministering. Pastor Craig is going to be speaking. We've been driving around in this national Georaphic magazine type setting for 10 days. We are so blessed! Last night we saw the most amazing sun set as we were driving north to tarkwa. We have approxamitly 4000 pictures and movies! haha, we like taking pictures. Like who carries stuff on their head at home?? ( They carry all sorts on their heads ) (Bananas, logs...) Day 1: We settled into a Ghanian three star hotel. Each having our own room bathroom. Pastor Craig, Pastor Scott, and Rick and Jacqueline got king size beds! Massive rooms. Tris ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi June 5th 2006

So I arrived back to work on tuesday morning and went over to the corner where the notebooks are kept in cardboard boxes and nearly had a heart attack! Two furry white balls closely resembled rats were in one of the boxes. My interaction with the students went something like this: "Ah!! What's in there?" "Madame, it is cats" "why are there cats in our classroom?" "because they live there" "since when?" "since they were born on the weekend" "oh, how will they live here? what will they eat?" "they'll suck on their mommie's milk!" "oh, well I guess that should have been obvious" So there are two kittens living there while I and my 20+ students try to learn. And by the way... all women in ghana wear fertility beads so my host-mom said I ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi May 29th 2006

I went to Cape coast this weekend and I would show you pictures but my batteries are dead.... it has possibly the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen anywhere, the sad part of course being that many of them are filled with waste and you'll even see pigs rummaging among them. I also saw a goat pregnant with triplets... it's cross section could be compared to a 3 foot long football! And the mosquitoes here... see first I thought it was great that they didn't buzz and all, but now I realize that I think I'm allergic to them and each bite swells up to be about 8cm long and 5cm high... ridiculous! I may live on reactine after all just to get rid of the swelling! Was cape coast was incredible and humbling... I ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi May 20th 2006

To sum up Ghana, I will quote from a bumper sticker: "On judgement day you'll wish you had Jesus stickers on your car" Four days later I can cooly admit that my post about my first day at school was the nicest I could have made it... in reality my first day was hell and I cried when I got home... but since then, the school is awesome... I'm tag-team teaching the oldest kids (a much smaller class of only 22 students and located on an outside wall so it is much less noisy... my first class was directly in the middle). My goal for the class is to get them all reading by the time I go... they are so eager and I am reading them a chapter of the Boxcar Children Book each day ... read more
Making abicus beads on my bed
Bea and Botche pounding fufu
laundry day

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi May 16th 2006

Volunteer Bootcamp is what we were calling it on saturday... we arrived at our homestay on friday and went to the land (the site of the building project) to put in a few hours work on saturday. We only lasted a few hours seeing as how we were lifting 40lb blocks of cement and carrying them over rough ground to place them beside the dug-out foundations where they will eventually be laid. The family that I am living with is incredible: Botche (12) and Jima (8) do more housework than an 18th century housewife and Nana (4) and Mamaqua (3) help out as well. Only Jamena (7 months) gets spared. Bea and Ababio are also wonderful: Bea is an incredible cook and her jollof is to die for. The house has electricity which seems to stop ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi February 6th 2006

I'm done. I've been volunteering at Kwahu Tafo, in the eastern region of Ghana, for four weeks, and now I am finished. It was challenging. That's euphemistic. It was hard. And not the work itself: that was negligible. It was hard because it was, for me, the intersection of tedium and culture shock, plus plenty of tension from putting a group of strong-minded young westerners in a pressure cooker. Which isn't to say I regret it. But I'm travelling now, and glad of it, though today I suspect I might have giardia or something similar, which is sucky. In the mornings I taught (in theory) English (in theory) at the Presbyterian Junior Secondary School. In the afternoons I led sessions on drama at the cultural center (read: the Catholic kindergarten). Both of these were fairly superficial ... read more
Sunset in Tafo
Me with Cultural Center Kids

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi December 4th 2005

After days of inconsistent power in my lodging, I woke this morning to find the fan spinning over my head. Comfortably cool in bed, I devoted my first waking hour to playing with my digital camera instead of going to Church. Blasphemy!... read more
Focus: Fading In
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