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Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Ejura January 22nd 2008

Sorry. Can't think of anything to write about that I find interesting enough... ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi January 22nd 2008

Things are never quite how you imagined they would be. I came for a story but I found reality instead. I came for a story but I found 17 years of unmedicated pain. My first day in Ghana I went to the Buduburam refugee camp outside of Kasoa... about 3 hours from the capital Accra. What I found there left me shocked, what I found there I cannot keep to myself, I feel that I must tell the world. I have seen things that only happen in the movies, Ive heard stories coming from a man looking through me with imploring eyes, looking to me to give him a voice and desperatly hoping that I am not like all the others who have come and made broken promises. Right now I am not there, I ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti November 27th 2007

Between 1965 and 1976 I lived in Ghana West Africa, after being adopted by an Ashanti-Paramount Chief, Nana Kwaku Duah and given the name "Kojo Achampong." I immersed myself in the culture, while learning the traditional art of cowhorn and ivory carving (creating jewelry replicas of African designs.) which enabled me to not only support myself, but to employ others as well. On my return to America in 1976, I applied my carving skill to jewelry model making (wax craving) and lost wax-casting. I am also author of My Sankofa. ( 3th printing) which documents my life in Ghana. On the invitation of my adoptive clan leader, Nana Oteng I returned to Ghana for it’s 50th Anniversary celebration during the month of March 2007. During my 30 days there (March 4 to April 4 2007) ... read more
Nana Oteng
Home in Accra

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti September 10th 2007

My original plan was to chill in Ghana for 2 months because: (1) it is an English speaking country (more so on paper than when you interact with people on an everyday basis) and (2) I'd traveled so far and paid for all the vaccinations and visas, so why stay in West Africa for just 1 month? As, some of you know, I completed pre-med coursework at Carleton and am thinking about med school, public health, education, and other career paths. I thought I could try out the international public health realm whilst on my trip and see if that's where I might want to steer my future. I was able to arrange a position (via a Ghanaian doctor I met in Minneapolis) in a town called Mampong and a place to stay. I stayed for ... read more
Not typical but not atypical

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi August 8th 2007

Recently, I realized something has been missing from the primary school - The LOUD, CONTINOUS sound of children’s laughter. What a wonderful, heart lightening sound. I’ve set aside a few of the “sports items” which were recently donated. Placing them in a basket I’ve assigned one boy to distribute and collect them daily during morning breaks. Oh what a wonderful sound there is when the entire school goes out for “recess”! It now REALLY sounds like recess. I hadn’t really realized anything was missing in the past. They’ve always enjoyed recess and have their own local games that they enjoy and play. But now there is a continuous roar of laughter as they come up with new games and fun things to do together. Though the many “gifts” are not for me personally, I am personally ... read more
Madam Annie

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi June 18th 2007

A Short and Sweet stay. What a HUGE help! … And… What a God Send! Dara, a nurse by profession, has returned to the US with MANY stories to tell. Leaving last week, her time with us was a short four weeks. Though short, her time was packed and eventful. Several years ago I learned a lesson about courage. “Courage doesn’t mean the absence of Fear. It is rather, moving ahead in the Face of Fear”. Dara displayed much courage and confidence in our Lord. Her stories will include topics such as (though not a trained teacher) typing, giving, grading and reviewing final exam papers, strange African viruses, sharing dinner dishes with neighbors - to include eating rat more then once, a time the villagers thought we were lost in the pristine rain forest, and ... read more
Fetching Water

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi February 9th 2007

I'm fairly new at this but here goes. I work in the construction industry out here in Ghana for almost 2 years. Have done extensive travel in this country in my 2 years here and find that of most African countries this is probably the best across the board, people are extremely friendly and helpful. I will be adding some photos real soon.... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi November 18th 2006

Sorry about the last entry, I could've made it so much better but it was my first real experience with electricity in three weeks and I was kind of overwhemeled with hearing from the outside world for the first time in a while. Sooo, I'll try again and I can't remember what I wrote the last time: The heat was pretty hard to get used to at first, at times I felt like I was in a sauna, almost short of breath. I was also a little dehydrated which was my own stupid fault because I was too much of a wimp to drink the water from the "Chicago" water sachets that tasted like plastic or rotten celery. Church in Battor was a good three times longer than I was used to. During the collection time, ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi November 2nd 2006

It's been a while since my lost blog - Appologies. I've got lots for you all to catch up on, but so little time! So i guess ill leave a few pictures for now...... Ash... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi August 4th 2006

We headed up to Kumasi after a near sleepless night - 4am wake-up to make the 6am bus. The bus from Accra to Kumasi took about 5 hours and was like any tour bus you'd imagine in the UK. (only that the driver was getting a little over-excited with the air conditioning as it was freezing) On arrival in Kumasi we had a mini-orientation type thing of the city before meeting up with our host families. After chatting to my host, and seeing other volunteers leave for their placements (most looked quite frightened!), i headed for a tro-tro station (mini-bus) and left for Amoawi - which would be my new home for the next 4 months. On being shown my room i eventually decided to take an early night after near to no sleep the night ... read more
My room 2

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