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Africa » Ghana » Ashanti May 11th 2008

A Trip to the Rainforest The rainforest: Protected, pristine, lush, full and cool in the heat of the day. It’s a very beautiful place abundant with provisions. It’s also a very dangerous place. A place where darkness begins to set in by 4pm. If you do not know it well, you should never enter alone. Robert, a 6th grade student, is the person I call on when a guide is needed! He knows the footpaths, as well as the dos and don’ts of the forest. He has the “hunter’s eye” and can spot a hunters trap or an animal in hiding. Sure the adult men probably know more but Robert is very people friendly and a tour guide at heart. As I walk through the forest I see green leaves and vines hanging, clinging and wrapping ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti April 21st 2008

Riverdance The Show. Ah! I love it! I never tire of watching it. The music draws you in. The dancing is captivating. I saw a live performance in Michigan a few years back. We have the show on VHS now and “rewind” is a fabulous VCR feature. Praise is just as captivated as I am by it and asks to watch it every chance he gets. He even enjoys the music and singing. Riverdance and Song of the South are his current favorites. The boy has good taste! We are all enjoying our holiday weeks. The lawn is mowed and Spring Cleaning is accomplished to a satisfactory point. There’s something about washing away all the dust of the last months/year. It just brings a freshness to the atmosphere. I’m waiting for our dog Daisy to deliver ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi March 25th 2008

This past weekend we went on a group trip with Mercy to Kumasi. Things, shockingly, looked the same, but since it was Easter weekend, many people were preparing for the holiday, and a fair deal of businesses were closed. We stayed at the Treasure Land Hotel, quite a swanky establishment. My bed spread was a lovely gold satin sheet- Asante gold was the running joke. Some of the highlights- the adrinkra and wood carving villages we visited, my Saturday spent in Kumasi market (the largest open air market in West Africa), the things (I’d be more specific but chances are if you love me enough to be reading this one of these things has your name on it) I purchased- which include two really fabulous belts. One of the belt buckles says BOSS on it- boss ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti March 20th 2008

I have three titles for this week’s blog entry. I can’t decide on which one to use. So I’ll use all three, one at a time. “It is finished” … The last words that Jesus spoke. As it is Easter Week it seems only right to begin with this title. My focus in using these words is slightly different. I am referring to the school building. It Is Finished! Completely built AND painted! It’s been a long slow process but it is done and it’s beautiful. The village people and students love it and are very proud of it. - By the way, did you know that Jesus prays for you? The bible tells us that He is seated at the right hand of God the Father. “Prayer” is simply talking to God. Jesus continually ... read more
Mr. Roberts
Bro. Enoch
Teddy Bear

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti March 13th 2008

English is the national language of Ghana. Though the school system is suppose to function in English most often, especially in rural schools, this is not adhered to. Our students grasp a main understanding and ability to speak English while still in kindergarten. As we discussed the pros and cons of admission during this last semester of the school year, Freda began crying when we mentioned her school in another village. She simply does not want to return to that school. She seemed serious and agreeable to the stipulations put on her. Due to her limited understanding of the English language we set her back to kindergarten (KG) level. We handled Cynthia in the same manner a year ago. Cynthia (14yrs old) joined our KG class in December 06. She has since moved right up to ... read more
Robert and Teddy

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti February 29th 2008

Blank stares, a teachers queue that “they're not getting it”. While referring to a common body thermometer, I received a room full of blank stares from the 3rd & 4th graders. After several questions I found that not a single one of these kids have ever been to the doctor! They’ve never had their body temperature taken! They’ve never seen a doctor’s office! I just laughed and laughed in amazement. When our laughter subsided I questioned the other grades. I also found that they know absolutely NOTHING about the dentist! They had no idea that there is a doctor specifically for your teeth. At the same time I think this shouldn’t surprise me quite as much as it does. Last year Ophilia, the schools top student, was under the impression that animals visit the same doctor ... read more
Apebouso Boys

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti February 24th 2008

I know you just heard from me a few days ago. I’m really not trying to clog your mail box with these postings. When I was in town last weekend I was not able to get a good connection to the internet. Due to the heavy harmatan dust in the atmosphere, phone lines, satellite itself or maybe even all of the above, for whatever reason, I just couldn’t get out there. I came back to town the end of the week and was able to connect. This past week Lewis Roberts spent three days with us teaching. Kirk also spent three consecutive days in the classroom. Wow! What a dream it was. All of the students were quiet and occupied. It was an enjoyable teaching and learning environment for all of us. I dream of what ... read more
Oh, I See
What Are They Doing!?

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti February 21st 2008

The calendars are arriving! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I hear more are still on the way. That’s Great! We have 2-3 in each classroom, all hung at levels the students can access them and glance through the pictures during free times. Last week I dug out the large, multi colored world map I have on fabric. In addition to the small globe, that was sent to us several months ago, I was able to find a nice sized world globe in a department store so I grabbed it. Now with the wonderful and wide assortment of calendars we are having a type of geography lesson. Using the calendars we are traveling the world, seeing the sights and animals according to the pictures. These kids have never seen a picture of a tiger! Now they ... read more
A Bush Cut

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti February 10th 2008

I write you from our peaceful abode in the village of Fenaso. It’s now Saturday afternoon. I’ve spent the morning with Praise on the couch while he drank his warm milk - his morning coffee I suppose. Then after breakfast I trimmed Praises nails, my nails, my hair, plucked my eyebrows, washed the three dogs, fixed bike tires and tried to teach Praise how to blow bubbles with his bubble gum. He needs more practice. It’s been a very enjoyable morning. This is really the only time during the week that we are all together. Makes us all appreciate each others company. Kirk is a part time teacher this term. He is handling the 6th graders trying to prepare them for school outside of their little village of only 20 houses. He teaches every Monday adding ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi January 30th 2008

So far in Kumasi I have been working at a few orphanages here, I want to do a lot more, but I am trying to spend my free time preparing for the weeks to come. I met a man here named Osei Tutu we talked for a while and he told me that there were no professional photographers here in Ghana. It turns out that his brother is the King of Ashanti and has been wanting a descent portrait. So right now its still up in the air but I am invited over for dinner next week to discuss this arrangement with the king. I think that it would be a great opportunity as long as it does not interfere with any of my other plans. Friday morning I am going to be taking a ... read more

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