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June 6th 2012
Published: June 6th 2012
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Now that there are 5 teachers at the school in Apebouso, there's no need for me to spend so much time there so I homeschool Praise, Abigail in town. Being in town so much has it's own set of challenges - one being that Abigail and I get bored.

Yesterday we decided to bake cookies to perk ourselves up. Abigail wanted to make cookies AND donuts. Of course, then Praise wanted to make his own batch of peanut butter cookies.

Praise's made it thru their mixing stage and time in the oven. As I expected, the oven mouse JUMPED OUT when his little toes got too hot from the lit oven. We had cookies baking, Kirk & Praise chasing a mouse with brooms and Abigail standing on a little stool mixing her dough . . . Too much activity for me in my little One Butt Kitchen. I left closing the door behind me!

In the end, the mouse escaped, the cooking gas ran out, the donuts finished rising and are now on standby in the fridge with Abby's cookie dough. As expected there's no gas in town to refill the cylinder. Looks like we are back to the basics today - cooking with charcoal.

Smile. . .Just another day of life in Ghana.



6th June 2012

Mmmm - donuts on the barbeque! You do lead an exotic life. :) Love, Peggy

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