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May 1st 2012
Published: May 1st 2012
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It has been over one year since my last blog entry. I wasn’t even sure I would still have access to the site.

As we begin each new year we generally have a hope, idea and/or anticipation of basic events to come concerning family and work. The events of 2011 turned out to be very different from what Kirk and I had anticipated.

In April 2011 my father informed me that he had been diagnosed with cancer - stage 4 - and asked if I would come home. May 8th Kirk took me to the airport and for the next six months he played the roll of “Mr. Mom”. Chemo treatments began within the month and continued through September. My father had a good summer despite the fact that chemo had no real effect on the cancer. With minimal side effects he kept a good appetite and was able to continue golfing, driving and visiting friends. Kirk and Praise joined me the end of October and were present for the family party. The first of its kind, 32 of us present for family photos! Two weeks later we gathered together for the weekend. This time
Oh . . . our encyclopedias!Oh . . . our encyclopedias!Oh . . . our encyclopedias!

I didn’t know termites could do this!
laughing together, crying together and spending our last moments with my/our father. After walking thru this chain of events I can say, “Yes, God’s grace is sufficient. He may not ease the pain and difficulties but He gives strength and courage to walk thru them.”

Kirk, Praise and I spent the holidays and winter months near my family in Michigan. We later visited friends, former volunteers and Kirk’s family in FL, TN, MN and ND.

April 8th we returned to West Africa. We have slipped into our Ghanaian life once again. Enjoying the food and reuniting with friends. Praise was given an excited welcome with a lot of full body wiggles and hugs from his dog Tinchie. Three of our six kids completed school last year. Two have gone on to higher education at a boarding school 70 miles to our north. The third has returned to her parents in the village while waiting for a sewing apprentice position to open up. Kwabena is now 20yrs old attending school in our town and working. We don’t see him much. With only four of us home, our once full house is now quiet.

A Few of the CrewA Few of the CrewA Few of the Crew

Grace & Abigail helping clean and put things in order. Praises little sister Hagar joined us for a few days too.

Yes we have arrived but are … not really settled. When we know we will be gone for several months we try to pack or belongings into plastic totes. This protects them from mold, mildew and mice. Before we arrived home the girls came for two days - God bless their pea picking souls - they had the basics unpacked, cleaned and organized. Kirk and I are now working on our personal items and office stuff. At the same time we are attempting to do some much needed renovations and room shuffling. So … our luggage is still packed and will probably be that way for some time to come. But hey, we will have a new look around the house and that’s worth a little (ok a lot of) clutter.

Last week Kirk began teaching in the bible college and I visited Apebouso (the village where the school is). When I and the girls began to clean and dust the house we discovered very unwelcome “squatters”. During my absence a colony of termites took complete control of the library books and several of the teaching materials! It was a devastating find. Saddened to lose about
Our Own Tom SawyerOur Own Tom SawyerOur Own Tom Sawyer

I tell you . . . if I weren't standing there (to take the picture) Praise (center) wouldn't be the one washing his toys. His friends are always do his work for him. And HAPPY to do it while he sits near by chatting and being silly.
half of our books we are thankful we didn’t lose all.

With the “squatters” gone the house is basically cleaned and ready for habitation, organization and education. Spring break ends this week. The students will spend the first days cleaning around the school and reviewing past lessons. Classes resume next week. I am curious to see the change in how the school days progress as four teachers were added during my absence! Wow!

We miss our friends and family in America. Praise often mentions specific names. Though we didn’t have enough time with each and every one - we never get out fill - we are thankful for the times we did have.

Your thoughts, prayers, comments, and family happenings are important AND interesting to us.


Christine & Co

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2nd May 2012

Just a note ...
Great hearing from you. Life in Germany are nearly the same as every year :-). Love Christine

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