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March 13th 2008
Published: March 13th 2008
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Freda now settled in with her KG classmates. Go Girl!
English is the national language of Ghana. Though the school system is suppose to function in English most often, especially in rural schools, this is not adhered to. Our students grasp a main understanding and ability to speak English while still in kindergarten.

As we discussed the pros and cons of admission during this last semester of the school year, Freda began crying when we mentioned her school in another village. She simply does not want to return to that school. She seemed serious and agreeable to the stipulations put on her. Due to her limited understanding of the English language we set her back to kindergarten (KG) level. We handled Cynthia in the same manner a year ago. Cynthia (14yrs old) joined our KG class in December 06. She has since moved right up to be one of the top three students in the entire school! We have advised Freda to humble herself and take Cynthia as her friend and example. She verbally agreed but fought against her new position the first week. In the past week Freda has settled in nicely and is more like a teacher’s aid then a KG student. Now she has the right attitude
Robert and TeddyRobert and TeddyRobert and Teddy

Robert and "The Creature" Kirk has just dubbed "Teddy". Look him up on the internet. He's quite cute and has an interesting history.
for success! I’m eager to see just how quickly she advances.

If you know me at all you know of my love for animals. Before entering missions I volunteered at the Wild Animal Refuge in Brighton, MI. There we nursed, raised and released orphaned and injured animals. Our first years in Ghana I successfully cared for orphaned and injured wild animals I never knew existed. They were some of nature’s most interesting creations. The national zoo in Ghana offered to supply me with all I need in order to make me an extension site. Though animals are my love, they take a tremendous amount of time and effort. Due to some changes in our living situation I was not able to take them up on their offer. I also came to terms with the fact that I didn’t come to Ghana to save the animals. It has been several years now since I’ve had any creatures…That changed this past week.

“The Creature,” for lack of a better name, was orphaned by a hunter. This baby Hyrax was brought to my house by Regina, one of the students. When it comes to bush animals, Kirk is just as much of a softy as I am, if not more. Ophilia and I were looking at the little ball of fur while it lay on my porch. I had barely mentioned trying to save the little thing when Kirk passed by and said, “How can you not?” Ophilia was now all bright eyed and excited. Yea, with the two of them looking at me, how could I not.

Thus began the week’s sleepless nights. The Tree Hyrax (or Tree Bear) is a cousin to the Coney which is also called the Rock Hyrax and resides on the eastern side of the continent. It is a nocturnal mammal with three toes on each foot and a rhythmic, night time cry. A very, very cute creation! The students are in the process of renovating the (rabbit less) rabbit pen and securing it for a hyrax. As our orphaned goat, Bella, I’m suspecting “The Creature” will eventually spend several of its daytime hours awake and in the classroom with us. In the late 90’s I raised a couple hyraxes and was able to adjust their “clock”. I’m hoping for the same success to come very, very soon this time around. Sorry I don’t have a better picture for you.

Have a Marvelous Week
Christine & Co


13th March 2008

Animal Saver
Can't see the little dude in the picture very well. How big is it, and how big will it be full grown? Are they related to anything in the U.S.? The last time we rescued a critter, it was some kind of duck we think may have gotten hit on the road. He wasn't hurt bad, just kind of knocked silly for a while. I went to Meijers for some gold fish, and the little guy ate them fast. We took him up to a lady around Bay City that takes care of birds, and he probably spent time in rescue park till he got better. He was either a Lesser or Greater Scaup...I can't remember which! :)
14th March 2008

Animal Saver
Google Search - "Tree Hyrax". I'm going to myself and see if I can gather more info for the students. Not related to but look similar to a guinea pig. He will get to be about the size of a rabbit.
18th April 2008

Just viewed March's blog
Oh Christine, the school is beautiful. How nice the rooms are and the students dress. I bet you cried on the day it opened. A dream come true. Pepper

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