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Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi July 13th 2010

I'm ready to pass out into a food coma. Charity cooked us an amazing meal tonight. But, the Internet is working, and I promised more pictures. The past few days we've been to the university in Kumasi to listen to lectures on slavery and the history of music. The music class was awesome. When we pulled up to the cultural center, there were drummers and dancers waiting for us outside. In a nutshell, we learned that dance and music (mostly drumming) is connected to the soul of Ghana. It's how they tell their stories and keep their rhythms going. There's much more to it all, but I'm tired and need to hurry and post this. The slavery lectures were also very interesting, and I got some insight into the African perspective. I'll share later. We also ... read more
girl in the monkey village

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi July 12th 2010

7/11/10 Today some of us drove around 4 hours to get to a monkey sanctuary (some took the day off and some went to Duku’s shrine), but of course our little sanctuary was much more than that. It’s a village that worships its monkeys. The story goes like this: there was a hunter who found a shrine surrounded by monkeys. He went about his business, but liked the shrine so much he took it to his people, but his people decided it was a sign that the monkeys were sacred. And while some tribes in Ghana eat monkeys, these people decided to move their village and the shrine closer to the monkeys not to hunt them, but to protect and honor them. They found the right person to become the monkey priest, who would then find ... read more
traffic jam
Kevin and the monkeys

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi June 22nd 2010

Sunday June 20: Ghana Today I had the chance to make my own batik t-shirt. Batik is a way to make designs on fabric and dye it many different colors by using wax. The group only had enough time to dye the t-shirts one color so I did a gold but my artistic skills were lacking on the t-shirt design. I don’t know if I will wear the shirt but it was really awesome to see the process of this fabric dying. After that we went to a kente weaving shop to watch and try to weave some. Kente is a type of weaving done in Ghana that takes a lot of time and patience. I got to try and weave some and it is physically tiring because not only did I have to use my ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi April 11th 2010

I’ve now arrived safely back at home, making this the final entry on my Ghana travel blog. Week 9 was spent in the village of Apemanim, working with the village chief (Nana) to establish health priorities. The community has a population of about 300, of which at least half is composed of children. We were divided into 3 groups to explore different sectors of the population - maternal health, pediatrics, and geriatrics. I was assigned to the maternal group, and had the chance to speak with local mothers and traditional birth attendants. One obvious problem was that the nearest clinic was 8km away, with very few vehicles available. As a result, many women were not receiving prenatal care and most were delivering at home with a birth attendant. While the major goal of our time in ... read more
Preparing the clinic
The roof in Larabanga (the door you see below is the outhouse!)
The elephants!

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi January 29th 2010

In the spirit of Ghana securing a place in the African Cup of Nations final this week, I am going to be sharing my Ghanaian football experiences with you! If you're like me, and didn't know what the African Cup of Nations even can follow Ghana's national team, the "Black Stars" at Ok, anyone who knows me, knows I am not so into sports. Unless there is beer involved (it's not that i even like beer that much, I guess I just get bored!) But when in Rome.... Or better yet: when in Africa, WATCH FOOTBALL. And by football, I mean "futbol" which means "soccer," of course. I've been to two games since I've been here: the first in Accra; the second, in Kumasi. The first was a qualifying match for the world cup ... read more
Ghana vs. Mali
Ghana vs. Mali
Ghana vs. Mali

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi August 1st 2009

We've been traveling to inner Ghana...a city called Kumasi. Let me just say that Kumasi is wayyyyy nicer than Accra, though it is still chaotic and interspersed with nice homes amongst the shanty-towns. W'e're staying in a hostel, called, "Royal Gate Hostel" which brings me to a side-note...almost everyone has a shop here, usually out front of their dwelling...and they are the funniest names I've ever seen! There's the religious names, like "Gate of Heaven Liquors," or "God's Love fast food," or "Lion of Judah internet" and then there's the "Passionate Love Drinking Shop," and "Effie's Rasta Hair Do" haha they crack us up so when we see a crazy one, we've gotten into the habit of pointing them out and laughing at the ridiculousness! This tour business the university has us on is sooo ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi May 19th 2009

Some things we learned over the last week at work, and during our weekend trip to Kumasi: 1. Ants are ok on sterile fields. 2. Operating in 100 degree heat and no air conditioning makes you sweat. 3. If an ill patient does not want to sit up to have his lungs examined, he is lazy... and it is ok to tell him so. 4. Working up chest pain in the ED proves quite the challenge without an EKG, chest x-ray, cardiac enzymes, or a basic metabolic panel. 5. You can have your kidney transplanted in Accra, but think twice if you want your pap smear results back within the next 3 months. 6. You absolutely CAN catch a cold in 100 degree heat- and it is NOT the Swine Flu! 7. There is a single ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi April 7th 2009

Last Tuesday I met with Reid who knows Jessica, who is my sister Tanya’s sister-in-law… so basically a friend of a friend of my sister? Anyways, he was in Ghana for a week and a half checking up on a project he had worked on for a few years up north in Kumasi and he comes back to Ghana about twice a year to make sure the project is still on track. He was kind enough to offer to bring some stuff for me and Tanya sent him with some poptarts and Little Debbie’s and school supplies for the kids. I was really surprised when I got the call from him because I haven’t heard a southern accent in 3 months. It was an adventure trying to find his guesthouse because there wasn’t a sign, but ... read more

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi April 1st 2009

Hey All!! Twice in one week?! Yeah, I'm in a generous mood...and I'm kinda backlogged! So I thought I would play catch-up before taking off on another far-flung adventure. So, this past weekend marked my second extended visit to Kumasi, and while the quantity of the itinerary was relatively small it was more than made up for in the high levels of quality! What was the mission this time? Cheer on Ghana's national football team the Black Stars, as they took on Benin in a 2010 World Cup Qualifier Match! While this was once again an independent trip, there were so many ISEP people going it might as well have been an ISEP sponsored trip! There were about twenty four or twenty five of us that left, all on different days and different times. My party ... read more
The Match
Pumped for Game Day!!
Walking into the Stadium

Africa » Ghana » Ashanti » Kumasi March 23rd 2009

At 7am on Saturday, our CIEE leaders arrived at the apartment with a small bus to drive us the five hours to Kumasi. Kumasi is the second-largest city in Ghana (behind Accra) and is the heart of the Ashanti region, which used to be an empire that encompassed a large portion of West Africa hundreds of years ago. Ashantis now mostly reside in southern Ghana -- most of my Ghanaian friends and CIEE leaders are Ashanti -- and still have a lot of pride in their history. The Ashanti king, or "Asantehene" in Twi, is still very powerful. As Mr. Gyasi, our fearless leader, explained, "If he tells Ashantis to go to bed at six pm every night, they will do it." A command from King Osei Tutu II, the current Asantehene, trumps one from President ... read more
David and his friends

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