Safari Tour - West Africa 2008 - Another Long ride into a BIG City

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November 9th 2008
Published: October 8th 2013
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Nkawkaw to Kumasi

Well, another early start and we were out of Nkawkaw before 5:30. The ride out was OK, we had beautiful highway all the way to Kumasi. Unfortunately, the only food along the way was eating packaged food from gas stations along the way. I'm becoming to love Shell Stations! Cake and cookies and Milk drink are about it (along with plantain chips!). Barry was having another bad day of cycling and had to take a nap around noon. I have a picture of Barry lying on the ground, and chickens almost pecking his face - It was pretty funny!

Kumasi is a city of close to 2M so we were on the outskirts with 15Km to go. We got into town and things are again pretty crazy with Taxis and Tro Tros everywhere. WE finally parked, because I was getting pretty cranky and Barry went to find us a hotel. He found one pretty much right away, (This one with THE BEST water pressure yet!) we showered and went to Vic's Bamboo Cafe for dinner. We GORGED on Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Rice, Roti, Milkshakes, Ice Cream and Beer. It was so nice to eat normal food that wasn't in a package!

So we slept in this morning, Sundays around Ghana are pretty much dead. Everything is closed down. Even so, we made a trip to the Zoo, which is nothing special except for the Fruit Bat colony - There were THOUSANDS of BATS everywhere! I have some great pictures. We then headed down to the market - which is apparently the largest outdoor market in West Africa. Because it was Sunday - There unfortunately was not a lot of Vendors, but apparently there are up to 10,000 vendors at the market each day.. Pretty cool. The vendors in the market are also obviously used to getting Obrunis through... They were very friendly and everyone wanted their picture taken and our contact info.

We tried to used the internet (as I've said before - trying to find reliable internet in Ghana can be a challenge so I only had half of this entry written.) Sunday night, we found Pizza for dinner. Barry and I were both in the mood for comfort food so it was welcome.

Monday we are on the road to Cape Coast - we don't know where we'll spend the night or even if they'll bee accommodations.... We'll see!

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