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September 14th 2010
Published: September 15th 2010
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Day 2 - At the school they have 2 different uniforms that they have to wear. This is what they both look like. Today I got to school late and had to sweep the walk ways and the teacher made me say thank you for doing work. There were about 12 other people that were late also so we all did the sweeping. It is better than getting caned. When you get in trouble you get whipped with cane by the head teachers. You can get up to 12 lashes for your punishment. I take my lunch because they have venders that sale food for lunch but I am not sure what is in it and I am afraid to eat it. It might make me sick or something. I only drink bottled water and beverages. They have this drink here called Tampico, it is like Sunny D and they also have soda but a lot more flavors than we have in the U.S. I will get some pictures of those tomorrow. Today my grandma sent a college student from her office to pick me up and we had to take a taxi cab to the house. The taxi is like a bus here you can pay more for them to drop you at your house or you can get picked up at different spots on a set route. Well we got off on the route and had to walkthrough this forest looking area and it was not fun. it was creepy. Hopefully I will not have to do that again.

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