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Africa » Gambia February 8th 2019

Después de reflexionar sobre mi primer viaje a Gambia y Senegal , honestamente puedo decir que es una de las experiencias de viaje más interesantes, amables y diversas que he tenido hasta ahora. Viajando con cuatro de mis colegas, tuve la suerte de que todos estaban muy bien informados sobre el área, y en cada giro y vuelta del viaje aprendí algo nuevo. Entonces, si está pensando en visitar la costa sonriente de África occidental, aquí está mi relato personal de mi primera experiencia en Gambia y Senegal ... Es seguro decir que lo primero que noté cuando bajé del avión fue el calor. Lo esperaba y estaba preparado, pero a partir de un febrero frío y húmedo en el Reino Unido, la ola de calor seco que me golpeó fue intensa: sin duda había llegado ... read more

Africa » Gambia » District of Banjul » Banjul January 1st 2018

Kunta Kinte came from the Gambia Over Christmas and New Year we went to Senegal and the Gambia. You are now reading the first blog entry from that trip and it is about the part of the trip we spent in the Gambia. The Gambia is in West Africa and if you look at a map you'll notice that it is looking very funny. The country is very thin and elongated and sort of resembles a snake in shape. The Gambia is surrounded by Senegal on all sides except to the west where the country has a short coast. The country's snake-like shape is explained by that the country follows the Gambia River. The rest can be explained by Senegal's past as a French colony and the Gambia's past as a British colony. We are not ... read more
Sunset in Albreda Village
Crab nest
Sunset in Albreda Village

Africa » Gambia » Western Division » Bintang July 29th 2017

Dear All Greetings again from Toubacouta, in Senegal! I have just returned here after three more nights in The Gambia since my last entry, but I have returned to Senegal a day earlier than scheduled for a couple of reasons, which I’ll explain below. For the sake of variety, and also because most of this blog entry will be about my last few days in The Gambia, I’ve chosen to name it accordingly and have its location as Bintang, where I stayed a couple of nights ago, as most of my photos are also from there. So last time I wrote I was spending my last evening in Bakau, before heading off upriver to explore deeper into The Gambia. On Thursday morning I caught a “gelly-gelly”, the Gambian form of a filled-to-the rafters, local clapped-out minibus ... read more
Baobab Tree
Grey Hornbill

Africa » Gambia » District of Banjul » Bakau July 26th 2017

Dear All Hello! And greetings from The Gambia, my 75th country!! Perhaps this should be cause for some sort of celebration, definitely a landmark in my country counting, and well on my way it seems to completing my target now of reaching 100 before I retire (I have eased my earlier target of visiting every country on the map before I retire, for the sake of keeping life simple and more enjoyable!). But definitely an important number to reach, and very proud of myself to have seen so much thus far. The Gambia is an interesting country – the smallest country on mainland Africa, at 11,295 sq km, and one of the very few in the world to continue using the definite article (particularly after Ukraine, Lebanon and Sudan all moved on from that). It is ... read more
Bee Eaters
Red Colobus Monkey
Me on the Beach

Africa » Gambia » Western Division » Kololi December 17th 2016

The tourist strip of The Gambia in Senegambia is a small strip popular with European tourists. Between November and April, which is the dry season of the Gambia, the streets are lined with restaurants bars and small stallholder marketplace business. The Gambia is known as the smiling coast of Africa. And it's true, the people there are friendly and hospitable. However, part of the reason for that smile is the expectation, especially among the bumsters and young men, then you will line their pockets with your money. It's funny to watch the European tourists march up the street, head down and trying to avoid all calls and approaches for interaction from the locals. Though tourist police mark the ends of the strip to prevent bumsters coming in and harassing the tourists, they still find their way ... read more
Senegambia Strip

Africa » Gambia » Western Division » Kololi September 9th 2014

Being in a meaningful place is not solely bound to one room, one home, one state, one country, one race, one gender or one economic class. It in turn, is a state of consciousness where you constantly feel like you serve a purpose in every space that you enter. So the question is how do we design space to help facilitate Place for those who may be lacking this feeling of belonging? A seemingly omniscient and influential power permeates organismic behavior at every given second of existence. It can never leave, but it can always assume dynamic nature. This power is Space; re-defined, it may be a parameter in which psychology can reflect its own design. Once behavior can reflect happiness, productivity, and healthy function, Space can then transform to meaningful Place. This Space is therefore ... read more

Africa » Gambia » Western Division » Kololi August 19th 2014

I am going to the most direct I have been in any of my posts. Due to the grandiose imagination of Americans regarding their loved ones going to Africa, I feel that I must clear things up. Often times stereotyping, media, and a lack of mediums for social impact yield my friends and family to assume I am either on a mission trip, working for a water NGO, on work-vacation, or ditching a life of convenience. While these are all dandy, allow me to inform you why I am here, and what I have actually been doing. Why: I seek to better lives of the less fortunate through innovative and maximized mediums. I have a passion for learning the sciences of this world, and finding channels to make lives easier for the struggling. If I am ... read more
Pedro with Agua Inc's Typha plants
Agua Campus
Kotu Ponds

Africa » Gambia » Western Division » Serrekunda July 14th 2014

Lately, all the local occurrences have made me feel more at home and excited for the future. There is a great level of comfort within finding that the steps towards achieving an ambition you initially thought would need patience to be seen. Of course, my primary dream is to practice physiotherapy in a place without the benefit of such services, while appealing to my ex-patriotism wanderlust that I cannot seem to shake. Of course, that is not enough for me. Understanding the needs of people are so great and diverse, I am thirsty to learn how to satisfy the needs for things such as clean water, business development, beneficial policy, and malnutrition. Even if I was to learn enough about one of these issues to find that it something I can only advocate rather than solve, ... read more

Africa » Gambia » Western Division » Serrekunda July 2nd 2014

I want to tell the story of a 19-year old Gambian boy, Ebraima. It's an important story for understanding the importance of of what Agua Campus is doing, and can perhaps provide some insight as to why I am so fulfilled doing what I am doing here. Ebraima lives in the capitol, and has a big passion for engineering. I did not anticipate his thoughtfulness, humor, and great intelligence when I first saw his small frame extend a friendly hand. Ebraima wanted nothing more than to go to an American university. While we encouraged it, we also wanted to show him the power of what he can do in his own country. This was a reason for Agua Campus, to provide a hub for space to identify, and a place to find resources. With the ability ... read more

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