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June 1st 2013
Published: January 5th 2014
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When we camped at Samburu recently there was a squatter toilet a short walk from our campsite through the bushes. Murray likes to camp in Maasi Mara which we normally have to dig our own toilet. I really hate squatter toilets of the long drop version, the walk up to the toilet from the campsite is normally one of me looking around for snakes or baboons or you know, a lion or a leopard. Then when I’m there doing my thing trying to balance and keep the door shut, I’m wondering if a snake or a scorpion will bite me while I’m doing my thing. Murray normally hears a LOT about the state of the toilets and often obliges and pays a lot of money for a drink at a fancy hotel where I conveniently use the facilities as much as possible. If its dig your own toilet, Murray is on “lion/snake” watch, while I verbally tell him how much I hate this kind of ‘toilet’ and how lucky he is that I go on these type of camping trips. New Zealanders are rolling their eyes at me now, but trust me these are a far cry from a kiwi long drop. We have many friends here who go ‘glamping’ (glamour-camping), which is camping, with a concrete floor, hot shower, flush toilet, restaurant close by, I wish 😊

So as I am looking through Murrays photos for the blog, trying to decide which ones to post, it dawns on me that my Samburu toilet experience wasn’t so bad. Could I handle living in a refugee camp? I realised how much I take my life for granted, and how many people do not have the luxury of a clean, flush toilet and a hot shower or even a cold shower. A reminder I thought I’d mention, so in 2014 please appreciate your toilet facilities, as Murray works hard to provide clean water and sanitation to the refugees of our area. Not a particular glamorous role, but as he mentioned today, a child fell down a refugee made toilet/hole in the ground and died, so its life saving stuff in this environment.

Murray has had a very busy year, so unfortunately for you its my version of his trips over the last 7 months.

In May, he went to Juba in South Sudan, and Addis in Ethiopia.

In June, he went to Nyeri in Kenya, and Ethiopia (Dollo, Assosa) (photos in this blog).

In July, he went to a conference in Nakuru in Kenya, Juba in South Sudan, and Uganda (Kywangwali, Bundibugyo). (photos on next blog)

In August, he went to Adama in Ethiopia.

In September, he stayed in Kenya 😊 hurrah!!

In October, he had 2 workshops in Kenya, one in Nairobi and one in Naivasha. He also travelled to Ethiopia again.

In November, he went to Dollo Ado in Ethiopia.

In December, he went to Dadaab, Kenya. (photos on next blog).

What a year! Murray and I are sure he went to Dadaab in there again somewhere, so we are not 100% sure thats all his trips.

(See the next blog for photos of his Ugandan trip and his December Dadaab trip).


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7th January 2014

Busy sana
You are doing an awesome job Murray. We have friends here who have benefitted from the support they received from refugee camps over many years.

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