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Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region September 18th 2008

tribes The main reason to go down south in Ethiopia (switch of your dirty mind, no pun intended) is to see the various local tribes. This should be accompanied by wish to get shaken and stirred in a Land Cruiser for hours on end on bad roads. It is a long drive down but very worth it. The first tribe we saw were the Hamer people. They are subsistence farmers and are quite happy living like its 1599. Our first encounter was in a small market in a small town. The great thing about Ethiopia is that it is defiantly not a mass tourism country and so we were the only Faranjis (white person) in the market and there was not one stall in sight which caters for tourists. Everything sold and bought is for the ... read more
5 cows, three goats and 10 chicken I got for her

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region July 13th 2008

I have always been a little ambivalent about tourism that involves going to see local people in traditional dress, but the trip to the Omo Valley in the south of Ethiopia was amazing. The expectation, on both sides, that tourists pay for photos made the whole experience seem less voyeuristic and less stressful too. The downside was that it was difficult to take un-posed photos and sometimes individuals were almost aggressive in insisting that you take their photo; I found the Mursi tribe especially aggressive. The fact that we saw many people wearing traditional dress as they walked along roads or worked, meant that it did not feel as though people were dressing up for the tourists, but that it was part of normal practices. Our venture into the Omo Valley started with a day of ... read more
Key Afer
Looking for elephants

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region April 17th 2008

I was “Taking the Long Way” to come back to Robe. In order to avoid taking the bus from Addis Ababa, I accepted the offer of a lift with Teresa, a VSO volunteer friend who was coming to Robe for work - via Arba Minch and Dilla. Which are not exactly on the way! Having left Addis in the early morning light, we had lunch at the Tourist Hotel in Arba Minch, doing the journey much faster than I imagined was possible. While Teresa had meetings, I met up with Rob and Judi (more volunteers) for a cup of tea. How very British! We stayed the night at Yvonne’s (VSO) house, which has a wonderful array of wildlife in the garden and the most amazing view. The lack of rains was much more apparent in the ... read more
Arba Minch view
Decorated tukul

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch February 28th 2008

One of the most amazing things that we discovered about Ethiopia on this trip is the incredible variety of culture, scenery, and wildlife that you don't expect when you first think of Ethiopia. We never imagined that we'd be on a game drive in Southern Ethiopia, but here we are seeing loads of zebras and gazelles in a park that you would expect to see in Kenya. It may not have been as exciting for some others, but being our first real experience with Zebras in the wild, we were absolutely thrilled! Some others commented that these were some of the nicest looking zebras that they had seen in Africa. Needless to say, we snapped away several hundred photos...... read more
Two heads!

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Awasa November 5th 2007

It was a real “I’m in Africa!” moment - seeing hippos on Lake Awasa again. Hannah and I had travelled down to Awasa on Friday, with the thought of pizza sustaining us on the bus journey to Shashemene. We met up with Anita (from Adama), Nick and Paul (from Awasa). On Saturday we did those chores that cannot be done in Robe (getting photos printed, keys copied and buying essential items such as chocolate, nice wine and cheese triangles), had lunch (chips!) at the Wabe Shabelle Hotel overlooking the lake and then hired a boat to go and see the hippos. Wonderful! At one point the boatman took us scarily close to them, bearing in mind that hippos allegedly kill more people in Africa than lions or crocodiles! It is so amazing to see such animals ... read more
Double-toothed Barbet
Silvery Cheeked Hornbill
Fishing on Lake Awasa

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch February 10th 2007

On Friday, Clare and I took a local bus up to Chencha, after sitting on the bus for two hours in Arba Minch, waiting for it to fill up. We decided to get off at Dorze, and walk the rest of the way to Chencha as Clare had not been to Dorze before. The huts at Dorze are different to houses found elsewhere, and look like giant beehives. The walk was pleasant, but unfortunately, accompanied by every single child we met asking for money. Some tourists must give in to their demands of “Give me one Birr!” otherwise they would not continue. After several kilometres, it began to get very irritating. Even worse, one group of children, who were no more than 10 years old, starting throwing stones at us when we refused to give money! ... read more
Dorze Hut
Women working
Chencha Market

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch February 7th 2007

An hour after I was supposed to have been collected, I was still sitting on a rock outside Textiles. The sunrise was impressive and birds began to sing their morning chorus. Still I waited. Eventually, the promised 4-wheel drive arrived, with not only Michael (a random German tourist Clare had met in a shop and introduced to me to share the costs of going to Nechisar National Park) but an American couple, working in Addis, an Ethiopian living in Germany and his friend from Addis, in Arba Minch on holiday. Crowded, but cheap! Our guide, Kapo - who is mentioned by name in the Lonely Planet - sat in the back. Driving into Nechisar National Park, the first climb gives amazing views of the lake before dropping down onto savannah - and the first sightings of ... read more
Abyssinian Ground Hornbill
Zebra with foal

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch February 1st 2007

After breakfast at Teresa’s, Clare, Victoria and I headed off to Arba Minch - which means Forty Springs, stopping en route to buy pineapples. Deb and Alastair from Bale Mountains overtook us on the road from Shashemene to Sodo- what are the chances of that? We didn’t arrive in Arba Minch until after dark, so Clare and I were dropped off at Textiles (the compound where she lives) and arranged to see Victoria at work the next day. Clare’s house, and the compound, was very different to what I imagined. The compound is a large grassed area with many more houses than I though there would be. Her house is one of the most basic VSO houses that I have seen, although she has made it very nice. While I was there, she got a new ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Jinka December 27th 2005

From Lucy, to Haile Gebreselassie via women with lip plates We also travelled before we joined TravelBlog. We have started to digitalise photos from those pre-TravelBlog trips and we are planning to write about some of them. We will write when we have the time and time is usually scarce so these blog entries will be far in between. As of now we have been averaging one per year. This blog is from one of the last journeys we made before we got our first digital cameras and started blogging about our travels. It's about a trip we made in Ethiopia in 2005. All photos we have here were taken with reversal film, also known as transparencies or slides. Much of the original colours have been lost in the years from when they were taken until ... read more
Church of Saint George
Church of Saint George
Flag of Ethiopia

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