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Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Awasa May 7th 2009

Peace Corps has a very strict policy about traveling within country but without taking vacation days. This is a policy I that I adhere to without reservation. Did you know there are two Mexican restaurants in Ethiopia? One in Debre Zeit and one in Addis. On a side note I want to tell you a story. A Peace Corps Volunteer had a friend come into town the other day. They had a great time and when it was time for her to leave, he decided that it was in her best interest not to let her ride the bus alone. This PCV recognized an opportunity to get a burrito as she only lives two hours from a city which contains one of these Mexican joints. He decided to accompany her on this journey to her house. ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Awasa May 3rd 2009

Hello Everyone, I am sure you all have forgotten about me since my last post. Let me catch you up-to-date. If you remember, I was volunteering at the HIV/AIDS NGO Forum. The newsletter I put together went to the printer. The coordinator is getting a lot of complements from it. Anyways after all that was finished, I went in to ask about starting a new project. Getnet(coordinator) had an idea for a health service mapping project which sounds pretty extensive. The goal is to survey every health service organization; community based organization, foreign NGO, as well as all faith based organizations. After about thirty minutes, we had drafted up a proposal for around $25,000USD. Getnet told me not to come to the funding meeting because when Ethiopians see White people they see dollar signs. There must ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region April 20th 2009

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to say a little something today. First, I have a new email address, I have to get rid of the WKU email address because it fills up too quickly. Luckily, I don’t have too many people in my address book. This weekend was pretty neat. A Peace Corps Volunteer from Tanzania just finished his service so he has been biking north in hopes of reaching the Mediterranean. He stopped in for a day but enjoyed my hospitality so stayed through the weekend. He has been on his bike for a month now and he is doing pretty good as far as distances. I finally got my computer from my counterpart and as I was checking it out, it turns out that the disc drive doesn’t work. There is no firmware ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Awasa April 13th 2009

Hey Everyone. I know its been a while but I figured you just got tired of reading about me receiving packages and what I had to eat. Now I have some actual news. The Head Guy from the Aids Resource Council came down to Hawassa the other day to talk with his new Peace Corps volunteer, Rich. Rich is a pretty unique character; 6 years in the military and felt he wasn’t doing anything good for the world. So he joined the Peace Corps. He is doing IT work for the ARC trying to setup a computer lab for them to use. While Rich has been doing this I have been getting out and meeting the local NGOs. So Rich’s boss wanted to have lunch with me and talk about what gaps I have found in ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Dila April 7th 2009

My final bus journey in Ethiopia is to be spread over two days, with just seven hours of travel on each day. Seven hours is a bearable duration, especially with the road being tarmac all the way to the Kenyan border. The bus does not depart full, with the engine housing acting as a seat for only two people. We depart at 6AM on both days and it's only one lane each way so there are numerous hold-ups while we wait to overtake slower vehicles, but these two days are arguably the most pleasant that I spend on Ethiopian transport. Since my last bus journey, I have read that the Ethiopian aversion to opening windows is because of a belief that draughts can cause infection. This would be an amusing little quirk if it didn't fly ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Awasa March 23rd 2009

Hello everyone. Let's play a little bit of catch up. I got sick last week, just a little bit of the flu that is going around. Nothing big just a few headaches, runny nose, and tiredness. So what did I do, I read three books. Franny and Zooey by Salinger, The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night, and Whatever You Do, Don't Run. The latter was the best. I read two on Friday and one on Saturday. Then I worked on a special project I will tell you about later for the rest of the weekend. I am fine now and starting work. My networking is paying off and projects are starting to come along but anyway. I went to the Lewi Hotel at lunchtime to get some free internet. Today was a glorious day. ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Jinka March 20th 2009

Some vids from the traditional Hamer coming of age ceremony I went to near Lala... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Jinka March 20th 2009

Some vids from the traditional Hamer coming of age ceremony I went to near Lala... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Turmi March 19th 2009

Some photos from my time in the Omo Valley with the Dasanech and Hamer Tribes, including a Hamer 'Coming of Age' Bull-jumping ceremony up in a village in the hills near Dimeka ... read more
Omo Sunset

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Awasa March 16th 2009

Hey Everyone!!!! I have a bunch to tell everyone but first, I have to thank Cheryl for her care package. It was amazing. One of the most beautiful things I have seen here in Ethiopia. It came with Playdoh, a small puzzle, Frisbee, socks, the biggest bag of Sour Patch Kids I have ever seen, 4 bags of Swedish fish and a whole case of assorted M&Ms. Thank you so much Cheryl, it was perfect. So this marks the one month of being at site for me. This means that we are allowed to travel in our region on the weekends. I am so excited. We had Bonnie and Kyle come up from the south, Brad from the west, and Marina from just north of us. They were all jealous of my package from Cheryl. We ... read more

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