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Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region February 23rd 2010

Hier is de volgende aflevering. Neen, niet van 'Tribe' - al heeft Bruce Parry een aantal stammen uit de streek bezocht -, maar de (meer bescheiden) lotgevallen van Phil op reis. Enjoy! 14/03/2010 Zaterdag 06/06/2002 (13/02/2010) Van Konso naar Turmi We wijden niet teveel aandacht aan Konso en omgeving, gezien we binnen een kleine week hier terug zullen zijn. Dan zullen we de nodige tijd uittrekken. We rijden meteen door naar het Westen, richting de vallei van de Omorivier, waar menige stammen leven, het doel van dit deel van de reis. In Weyto aangekomen, krijgen we meteen een voorsmaakje: het is marktdag! Geen grote, maar toch zeer geanimeerde markt. De streek is voornamelijk bevolkt door Tsemay-stam, toch treffen we hier ook vele Konso’s en Banna’s. Buiten de klassieke koopwaar als melk en honig, vind je ook ... read more
Proeven van locale maisbrouwsel
Erbore 1
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Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Jinka February 15th 2010

It's a not so short hop to Sodo, skip to Arba Minch and a jump to Jinka that begins my final days in Ethiopia. The last leg into Jinka is hilarious. The road is lined with young children who bob up and down, springing in and out of a squat position whilst simultaneously waving their hands, sometimes with a coordinated salute. It is as if they are auditioning for a work-out video. The reason for this is that the region is surprisingly parched and they are providing "entertainment" for passing vehicles in the hope that passengers will give them some water. Some of my neighbours do just that, flinging a few half full bottles out the window to some of the more adventurous children who also do handstands and, in one case, back flips. I am ... read more
Setting up
Market scenes
Spice sachets

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Turmi February 14th 2010

Geo: 4.96667, 36.4833OK, maybe this is not the land of OZ, no Munchkins, but from a cultural standpoint, it is the most unusual place I've visited in my life. Over three days we spend time in four different areas, none more then a 50 KM journey, but the going is slow, all dirt roads. The towns and villages are Key Afer, Omorate, Turmi and Dimeka. I am about as far south in Ethiopia as possible, the town of Ormate is only 25 KM from either Kenya and Sudan. It is hot and dusty. When we cross the Omo River via a log hewned canoe, the muddy water looks very inviting. The trip has been planned around the colorful market days. When I can upload photo's you'll see what I mean. Each tribe has it's own distinctive ... read more
termite mound
sorgum drying

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch February 10th 2010

Geo: 6.03939, 37.5905OK, my buttocks never seem to get accustomed to the long bus rides. After 4 hours, I always seem to get sore. Kind of like road cycling, but I'm not getting any exercise. The trip to Arba Minch takes 7 hours, but I make it just fine. We have dropped in elevation, and the last three hours are very hot, and as the usual, no one wants to open any windows!! What really amazes me, is some of the travelers are wearing a jacket as well as a shirt. Wow!!My first full day here I am able to take a long boat ride as well as being able to access the Nechasiar National Park from the boat. I've made arrangements with a German man to share the cost and we depart. On the way ... read more
Croc protection
peek-a-boo...I see you
Nechisar National Park

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Konso February 10th 2010

Geo: 5.25, 37.4833Hello all,I'm on my way to the Lower Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia. It is a HOT, wild and sparsely inhabited area. There are a number of traditional tribes, in this area....right out of a National Geographic article. This is a more traditional African area then other locations in Ethiopia. The predominant religion is animism, although the towns have some Christians and Muslims. When I get home I'll add more details and photos. The main tribes of this area are the Mursi, Hamer, Bena, Karo and Ari. Sometimes they get along, but not always. The Mursi in particular have the reputation for being on the aggresive side. Territorial battles still occur, yes people die. Each tribe has a particular dress, and the tribes have what we would consider bizzare and unusual customs. I''ll add ... read more
Konso village
Konso village
Konso viillage

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Turmi February 3rd 2010

We can't say that we weren't warned. Other travellers told us that the Omo Valley would be a lousy experience. Our Dragoman leaders warned us not to expect too much in terms of interaction. Our expectations of the Omo Valley and the visits to the tribes living in the Valley were low as we travelled in through the beautiful scenery. I was prepared to be disappointed but I wasn't quite so prepared to be angry. The Omo is home to a number of tribal people of Ethiopia together known as the Southern Tribal Peoples. It is the home of the Mursi people - famous for the practice of its women in placing increasingly large labrets in their lips - and of a dozen or so other tribes including the Ari, Hamer, Tsamai and Bana, that are ... read more
Walking thru town

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Arba Minch November 17th 2009

Geo: 6.03939, 37.5905Thankfully this is the first civilisation for nearly a week. We have camped in a hotel with a large camping area on the side which was very quiet, infact we are the only ones there. Yeah Yeah!!! This is a blessing as the constant crowds everytime we stop is getting a little draining. Picture this, the four of us freshly showered, fed and sitting around quietly in the evening watch another overland vehicle pulls into the camp. Germans jump out of the car and bail straight over to talk to us. Trouble is they did not have an 'off' button. Hmm so much for the peace and quiet. Things then turn from bad to worse when they go back to their car on the other side of the camp get in their car drive ... read more
Fellow Travelers

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Konso November 16th 2009

Geo: 5.25, 37.4833Mile's had blown his rear shocker seal again, as we approached Omorate the night before thus a slow ride. The kids in this area have a fair reputation for doing anything to get attention (and thus money, pens, caramellos) from foreigners. Unfortunately this practice has developed into throwing rocks at the vehicles. Darren and I stopping at regular intervals to chase the little brats, in an effort to demonstrate retribution for their actions. We had met others with smashed windscreens from the rocks which is really not on. Unfortunately they are uneducated people and communicating in any way is impossible hence the problem is systemic. Camping facilities have deteriorated to stopping in the car park of hotels with no water or toilets or showers (hmm there is a concept). So summarising we are all ... read more
Cool Man
Group Shot

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Awasa August 4th 2009

I think it is about time that I owe everyone another blog. If only I could think of some things to talk about. Well, let’s see new developments. I got internet at my house so I can now check my email a lot more regularly. In fact it isn’t half bad. The days when I do have power, the majority of the town doesn’t so that frees up a lot of the bandwidth. I get asked a lot if I think I am making a difference and until recently I said I don’t really know. However, the second edition of the newsletter came out this week. It may seem like a small thing. I just sit down for about six hours and pump out a fairly decent looking document. However, in Ethiopia, this is very rare ... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Awasa June 25th 2009

Let’s see… It is one o’ clock on a Tuesday or Wednesday. I am at my house being completely lost at the fact I have had electricity for some part of the day since Saturday. I had power all day Saturday and Sunday, which never happens. I am just waiting for the power to get cut off for a good three or four days in a row. I am stocked on candles so that won’t be a problem. Chris Woodling or Biker as some people know him came out for a week and we had a great time. I won’t talk about that week because I plan on letting him do it with it being his first week in Africa. I am sure he will have some amazing observations and it will give you a break ... read more

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