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March 19th 2009
Published: March 19th 2009
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Some photos from my time in the Omo Valley with the Dasanech and Hamer Tribes, including a Hamer 'Coming of Age' Bull-jumping ceremony up in a village in the hills near Dimeka

Additional photos below
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Village near TurmiVillage near Turmi
Village near Turmi

Where Woodser and I stayed with a local family

Woodser hard at work making a brew!

Woodser's photos get the appreciation they deserve!
Dasanech GirlsDasanech Girls
Dasanech Girls

in Omorate village, near the Kenyan and Sudanese borders
Dinner Time!Dinner Time!
Dinner Time!

Back in our village near Turmi, a goat is chosen for dinner
Selling Hair Dye!Selling Hair Dye!
Selling Hair Dye!

Ochre in Turmi Market

Hair dye!
Selling snuff!Selling snuff!
Selling snuff!

Turmi Market
My Hamer family in DimekaMy Hamer family in Dimeka
My Hamer family in Dimeka

I stayed with these guys whilst trying to find out where I might attend a bull-jumping cermeony

2nd April 2009

Ethiopia i miss it! those photos make me want to go back for more!
3rd June 2010

hi hello dears how are you nice pics
26th July 2010
Omorate village

Thank you so much for this wonderful pictures! it made me cry when I saw all good pictures from my home land. a bit of myself am peter Korie Akol. A daasanach from Omo rate. Study in Kenya at Pan Africa Christian University. Pursue a bachelor of Art in Business leadership. Just want to thank you for taking your time to exposing my people to the world. I have a big dream for my people (Daasanach) since we are still back interms of many things like education, development and many other things that the outside world has already realized. My deram is to Stop The current practices daasanach are practicing for Example (F.G.M) Female Genital Mutilation, One knife circurmcision, resistant of taking children to school with perception that they will disappear. All This dream are in my blogsite PETERSCAUSE.BLOGSPOT.COM I know you will recognise many things I have meantion in this blog. God bless you. peter

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