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Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Dorze September 17th 2011

ETHIOPIA...Ensete Culture...THE DORZE T'was quiet a climb up into the Guge Mountains...dirt roads all afternoon then up & up. Then at the top there is a its own little region... rolling green hills up here... bamboo... views of Lake Abaya...isolated from the lowlands below. But dangers lurk at every we zig-zag up... "Watch out's a rump-shaker" someone screams. Hit the brakes... squeeze past..."That was close!" Next corner twice as many... another close call... phew. Welcome to the home of the highland Dorze people... Orthodox Christian... own language... predominately farmers... exponents of the Ensete Culture. And the rump-shakers?...young children...gymnasts all... somersaulting, gyrating, shaking their booty... hands outstretched... demanding benevolence. Was late afternoon so straight to the ma... read more

Africa » Ethiopia » Southern Nations Region » Dorze July 22nd 2010

The purpose was simple, but the execution was difficult. The aim of visiting the tribes of Omo Valley tribes in south-western Ethiopia was an arduous experience that proved to be the most challenging of all my travels. The Omo Valley is renowned for the large diversity of tribes within a small area, tribes whose practices have not changed for millennia. Its remoteness and rugged conditions makes travelling there a true adventure, but for those who are willing to forgo basic comforts, it promises an experience matched by few other places. My flight from Dubai on Ethiopian Airlines set the tone for this journey. In Ethiopia (as with many other places in the world) one is not supposed to place used toilet paper in the bowl, so the flight almost entirely composed of Ethiopian women returning to ... read more
The chicken-holding girl who followed me around - Dorze, Ethiopia
Community totem - Konso, Ethiopia
Laughing Konso girl, Ethiopia

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