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January 19th 2009
Published: January 19th 2009
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There are a few things I want to clear up. First, since Ethiopia is so close to the Equator it doesn't get hot and cold seasons so much as wet and dry seasons. I think I am right about that. It stays about mid 80s to mid 90s year round in Awasa. It rained last night and it was amazing. I cannot figure how to load pictures on here. Oh my goodness there are some really awesome things I have to tell you. I can't believe I forgot them yesterday. First, on friday a bomb exploded in Addis while I was in Addis. Apparently, a gentleman was getting his bag placed on top of a minibus and the bomb he had in his bag exploded. 0 deaths, 29 injured. I know there was no danger for me but it was exciting to know that I was in a city that got carbombed. I am also glad no one got hurt. The Peace Corps Security Officer, Fikra, went to the site and checked everything out. I want to stress to everyone, MOM, that I wasn't in danger. Its all part of the experience. I hope everyone enjoys the inauguration. We are not allowed to travel around our areas to meet up with everyone. Luckily, I have people in my town. So that works out. We just have to find a place to watch it. I just tried for 15 minutes to get pictures up on here but my card reader isn't compatable with any computer in Africa. I will figure it out and until then I will continue to snap away. I have become really close with Travis and he may be moving to Awasa. He is allergic to dust? Yea, I know. But he is also asmatic and has been getting these really bad attacks because of the dust. So the medical officer sent him here to get a steroid inhaler but its not on the market anymore. He doesn't need it now here in Awasa. So that's good. Travis is probably the only person that I would hang out with back in the states. Actually, I should say he is the only one who would fit in with my circle of friends. Wow, sorry I just went all "Dear Diary" on you. I am going to get off here and try and save some money.

Jason and Annie - Thank you for the book, I am really enjoying it

Shannon - you work at Hersheys, hook it up!!!

Biker - I need a cube. Big mistake not bringing one. Do you have any drumsticks also? I went to a music store in Addis and they were 500 birr for drumsticks which is 50 dollars. Crazy. How's the business doing?

Matt Marvel - You were right this is totally worth it.

Distads - Thank you guys for everything.

Mike and Cheryl - I just want to say thank you again for your advice and guidance.

Krist - I have some ideas for the group.

And anyone thinking of going to the World Cup in South Africa let me know because I am going to try and stay with Peace Corps Kids down there for free.

I love you all


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