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January 27th 2011
Published: December 4th 2011
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water bottleswater bottleswater bottles

These are a few of the bottles which are now empty

I woke to the smell of baking porridge. I got up and found the family sitting round a small table eating. I took my bowl and carefully started eating, making it last, knowing it would probably be the only thing I eat for another 3 days. The family were bursting for joy when I exposed my 12 big bottles of clean water. We soon had a big queue outside the house waiting for some water. It cleaned me out but I knew they needed it more than me and that I could have lots to drink at home and at my next stop. The family’s joy of the clean water was soon taken over when we went to milk the last group of cows and found them all dead on the floor. I was astounded but they told me to get used to it. Things like that happen every day here in Dolo. Most deaths are caused by diarrhea so I was very careful with my food, hygiene and when I went to the Toilet I was extremely cautious. I am looking forward to getting out of here and having a long drink, and nice big dinner and a hot bath but on the other hand I can’t bear to leave these people suffering. I need to make a mental note to remember to leave this family my remaining fresh water.


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