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January 26th 2011
Published: December 4th 2011
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Horn of Africa DroughtHorn of Africa DroughtHorn of Africa Drought

Charity leaflet handed out at refugee camps

I was sickened by the sight of how desperate these people are. Some were so skinny that you could have mistaken them for a skeleton…it was appalling. Suddenly I was angry and I didn’t understand why people didn’t take it seriously and why Countries, other than the U.K aren’t giving as much they can. I tried to help them but I’m no medical advisor. They really need help. They live in tatty, graffiti covered, old, mouldy and worn out houses. On their last legs they try and survive but millions are dying every day. Only 1 in 8 people have access to safe clean water. The population in Somalia has gone down as many are traveling to Dolo to try and get into the refugee camp but they can only take care of so many people. Most mothers and Parents are forced to leave their children and babies in the road to die because they are not strong enough to go on or they will slow the family down. People are saying it’s the worst drought in 60 years. The family I’m staying with are not the wealthiest either but have at least enough to have around a meal

A starving child we met in Dolo
or, if lucky, 2 meals in four days. The meals consist of a small portion of boiled beans or soup made from cooking oil. Luckily I’m only staying a while and I have lots of bottled water…I made sure of that before I left Congo! I will rest tonight and carry on helping tomorrow. I am so sorry for all the people and would happily pay for them to move out of here into Britain with plenty of water.

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Skeletal childrenSkeletal children
Skeletal children

A photo taken by a refugee worker

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