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January 3rd 2009
Published: January 3rd 2009
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We finished our 4th week today. I just want to say that everyone in the Peace Corps gets the same mood swings I was getting. No worries. Next week is going to be a big one for all of us. On Tuesday we have our Language Proficiency Tests, and on Saturday, we will recieve our locations. It is kind of ridiculous about how secretive they are being about our sites. We had a slew of speakers come in this week and explain about their organizations and projects. The only one that spoke about any type of Income Generating Activities was from a real sharp guy from the Ethiopian Sustainable Tourism Program in Awasa. I did a bit of reading about this place and it sounds amazing. They are working at a giant national park, which is around a very large lake. He told us that 3 volunteers would be going to that area. That was the first we heard about any type of placement of volunteers. Oh well, I said I would like it there or in the Tigray region. Whatever happens, happens. I recieved my mom's care package on New Years. Contents were as follows: Gushers, Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, Starburst Candy Canes, Resiens, M&Ms, The Office 2009 Quote Calendar, Jenga, 1000pc Puzzle of Big Ben, and Legos. It is a Christmas tradition in my family for me to recieve Legos. Since I was, I don't know, 4 or 5. Oh, New Year's Eve, we all had a great time, everyone was safe. The only people to get sick were some of the LCFs, or ethiopian language instructors. They felt really bad about the whole thing. I did not follow-thru with my original plan. There were some really good signs though. We all had a great time and we all hated the next day. One LCF was really funny. He said, "...last night was very fun, when is the next time this will happen?" I really want to thank everyone for their comments and messages. I really enjoy reading all of them. I should be in touch soon. I need to keep a list of things to talk about so I don't just get on here and ramble.



4th January 2009

Happy New Year
Have a great year. It will get better and better. JKS
5th January 2009

Rambling is good!
Rambling about a different country is always interesting. You could be another Hunter S. Thompson, stream of consciousness type stuff. Hope you get the national park!
8th January 2009

titans in playoffs
Saturday the Titans play Baltimore here at home(playoffs). Keegan is consumed with Titan talk this week. We are anxious along with you on your assignment. Great things are coming your way. Love you, Mom

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