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February 27th 2010
Published: February 27th 2010
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Thursday night was very busy for the hotels in Jimma. I later found out that the head of this region, Oromiya, came through with his entourage. We ran into some serious Czech travelers that we met before. They have been to over 50 countries and go to really remote regions. Anyways, I saw the girl/wife first and asked how it was going. They had just finished 13 hours of bus travel. It was raining heavily and the roads were barely passable. She said every hotel was packed, or over charging. Syf had a room which was “shit” in her opinion and they wanted some outrageous sum for it. Central was full, and Coffee land wanted Birr 300. So I said, “ok, come with me, I know the owner…kind of.”

We went up to Coffee Land and I asked for the manager. I went into his office and exchanged pleasantries. I told him this was my good friend and there are no rooms available anywhere, can you help her out? He was like, sure, no problem and told the receptionist to give her the local rate. They didn’t have any singles left, but she got the Birr 300 room for Birr 150. It really was a pretty nice room, and big too. They were pretty happy that they could get a decent room and not have to spend too much money. Yup, no problem. All in a day’s work for Jimma’s mayor-elect David Stephen Obama.


27th February 2010

this brought story to me. love ya

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